President Trump Finally Clinches Victory In Alaska

Haven’t heard much about this.

And another Senate seat …

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I have also been disappointed at the lack of coverage of Alaska over the last week and a half.


  1. Its three electoral votes were not going to be decisive with the other bigger states in play.
  2. The media all knew Alaska wouldn’t start counting their mail ballots until Saturday, so there wasn’t any news to report in the intervening days.
  3. Although sparse pre election polling allowed some hope of a Senate seat flip or a Biden win, the conventional wisdom was always that it would go red, as indeed it did.
  4. The expected result was even less newsworthy than it otherwise would be because the presidential race was already over, and the Republican strength elsewhere made it very doubtful they would lose this Senate seat.

That and North Carolina, there is little to no news on the main media channels because they have already declared their winner…

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What was the holdup?

It couldn’t possibly be voter fraud since it’s a red state.

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Winning, winning, and more winning.

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Alaska is a state that everyone pretty much knew how it’d turn out. A red state staying red with 3 whole electorate votes doesn’t have much to drum up any excitement over.

As I recall, Alaska has always been slow to report due to some very isolated areas. When I went to training sessions on new medical analyzers for our lab, I often met Alaskans there. They had to buy two of everything because they needed one just for parts as they couldn’t even get parts flown in for 6 months of the year. Plus, they got extra training on repairing the analyzers for the same reason…repair techs couldn’t get there. Their whole lab had to operate on a different level than usual. They had some very smart cookies working their labs…I really admired the things they had to deal with!

We just assume our phone, internet connections will always be operating. Outages are rare for us. It’s often a considerately different scenario up north! There’s a reason dog sleds are popular there! :joy:

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