President Trump Orders Deconstruction Obama Era EPA Water Rule


President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday effectively walking back the “Waters of the United States” rule issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the Obama administration.
“EPA’s so-called waters of the United States rule is one of the worst examples of federal regulation, and it’s truly run amok,” Trump said during the signing ceremony in the Oval Office.

Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural businesses opposed the rule, as it allowed the EPA to regulate any water on a farmer’s land.

Trump called it “a disaster” during remarks, reminding the public that the EPA threatened a Wyoming rancher with fines of $37,000 a day after he dug a stock pond on his land.

“It’s a horrible, horrible rule,” Trump said. “It was a nice name, but everything else is bad.”



Part of me likes the roll-back of these regulations; part of me isn’t so sure. Certainly farmers should be allowed to dig a pond.


I f the EPA wnats to control some water they should build irrigation canals across the country to help farmers not stop them from digging a hole in the ground to water their animals.

Water is a necessity in life when it is controlled and made into a commodity people will be worse off. :shrug:


WOTUS is worse than that. A farmer has to clean out ponds periodically. Under WOTUS he has to get the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to approve it, his equipment, method, place where the removed dirt will be put, etc, etc, etc. Cleaning out ponds or affecting them in some ways is a big deal because letting one go algae-filled or stagnant encourages “blue tongue” disease that kills deer, and will cause the pond to eutrophy over time.

If he has a live stream on his place, he can’t repair flood damage without a plan approved by the Corps of Engineers. He can’t put rocks in a dry wash to stop erosion. He can’t drain a mosquito-breeding “wet” area even if it’s newly caused by flooding changes. He can’t remove gravel from a stream to improve the flow and provide fish habitat.

He can’t do any of those things without Corps of Engineers approval.

Farmers and ranchers are far and away the best custodians of the land, and the Corps of Engineers doesn’t have the personnel to go in and tell them they can’t repair flood damage without doing this, that and the other thing with this kind of equipment and approving a detailed plan for doing something that might take half a day to accomplish.

My state has a lawsuit going against the government to prevent enforcement of WOTUS. It’s a city person’s fantasy about what proper care of waters is. It needs to go away.


And millions of “moral” voters in the homey heartland pounded the table and said “WE WANT MORE!!!”.



Oh yes. WOTUS also controls “lateral” movement of water in fields where rain water moves laterally. In my part of the country, that’s the whole region. Basically, it’s runoff flowing across a field. Every rain of any consequence causes that. If a farmer wanted to channel it or get more water into the ground by terracing, he has to go to the Corps with his plan and get approval.


Pretty names on the rules, but it’s the details…


Then what’s there not to like about the roll-back?

This is a massive over-reach, but some of the folks in flyover country deserve it because millions of them voted for people who would keep it.

Lucky for them…


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This might be the stock pond case:


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