President Trump's executive order could see up to 8 MILLION illegal immigrants deported


[quote=] President Donald Trump undertook one of his biggest campaign promises during his first week in office when he signed an executive order that vastly overhauled current immigration law.

Under the new policies, deportation restrictions were stripped to the bare minimum, meaning that up to 8 million people could be considered priorities for deportation, according to a study done by the *Los Angeles Times.

These new policies have opened the doors for roundups and detentions of illegal immigrants on a scaled that has not been seen in roughly 10 years.


What does Trump expect to improve by these hateful deportations? We save a little by not having to provide public assistance, and we reduce crime ever so lightly, but we are using them as scapegoats to cover up the real problems that face America. Look at the crime rates in America and note the small minority that represents illegal immigrants. The same is true for public assistance. America has a big problem with poverty, but we deny it and use illegal immigrants as scapegoats as if deporting them will solve our problems of poverty. Let’s be honest and see that these new policies reflect hatred and that they accomplish very little! Is this what Trump refers to making America great again, hatred?




Thanks for that perspective. It explains why the news media was reporting them as immigrants instead of illegal immigrants.

So it is alright with you that people do not have to follow the law in the United States?

Some countries are rather strict on immigration law. You can try that in Australia, illegal entry, you would likely be deported.


Can you be specific and tell me what problems will go away by deporting immigrants?


I don’t know really. I don’t agree that immigrants should be deported. Why should they be deported if they are given entry in the first place?

But since you do not differentiate between illegal and legal immigrants, I do not have an answer to your question but I think it is strange that laws can be broken without consequences in the US.


So there is no need to have laws and enforce them ?

I’m a legal immigrant .came here on a student visa then work visa. Why did I waste so much time going for the visa interviews, making sure I always studied or worked so that I was in status , payed taxes and also pay the very high visa renewal fees ?

8 million others weren’t doing the same.



As a legal immigrant myself and a refugee to boot, I cannot agree more.

Personally the US has every right to control who goes in just like any other nation on earth. It’s laws deserve to be respected. If you think these laws are unjust than work to change or reform them not encourage others to break them.


Perhaps because Trump changed their status would be my guess. Bush and Obama as I understand it created several programs which would at least extend their stay.

Be that as it may, there were massive deportations already under Obama so perhaps Trump is overdramatizing here a bit too.


As I understand it, the minute you lose your job, it violates your work visa and makes you illegal. So I imagine there are many in that category, even in a great economy.


Exactly the point. Having illegal immigrants here is grossly unfair to those who came here legally and spent the time, energy and financial resources to become citizens.



This. Deporting illegal immigrants is nothing more and nothing less than enforcing the law. It is not “hateful”. It is not about race or religion or ethnicity. It is about legality.


We don’t deport immigrants!


Or possibly settled on the Pacific islands used by Australia for illegal immigrants and similar individuals where journalists are rarely permitted entry and where much that is going on is hidden away.


I work in a setting with many “legal immigrants” and they express this same sentiment.




Deny it? Do you know how many trillions of dollars have been spent on poverty since Johnson’s Great Society Program in the 60s only to see poverty rates change by a percentage point or two?


Matthew 25:40

"The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’




Please explain how we have denied poverty?

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