President Trump's many accomplishments

I’m pretty happy with these accomplishments!

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Is that what counts as many these days?

1 and 2 hasn’t happened yet. For 4 how many has actually been confirmed? More importantly how many have been shown to be grossly incompetent? 5 which regulations. 6. He destroyed ISIS eh?

Like… Be glad with him if you want. But this is a pretty weak list.


I am at peace that as we are about to enter 2018, we have Donald Trump is our
I certainly hope that in January of 2018, Hillary Clinton will stop touring the country and the world on her book tour trying to explain what happened to everyone. It is beyond sad
at this point

I pray for President Trump and his administration daily and that they keep up the good


#5 is a big one. Trump said for every new regulation two would be cut. I heard the other day the numbers are currently 16 cut for every one new regulation. :+1:


What regulations are you happy were removed?

I am not familiar with many of them, but of those about which I am most happy are the HHS Mandate which forced religious sisters to cooperate with providing abortifacients and contraceptives against conscience, and Waters of the U.S. regulation, which put every stream, farm pond, dry wash, gravel bank, and flow channel under the control of the U.S. Army.


Not being familiar with many of them is part of the problem. I have read that the Code of Federal Regulations is something like 200 volumes/80,000 pages. These are not laws passed by the legislature, they are created by the ever expanding “fourth branch of government” I have also heard that nobody knows for sure how many of these regulations carry a criminal penalty but it has been estimated to be something like 300,000 of them. I think this is crazy.


I’m looking into this and I haven’t found where this was the case. What I’m reading said that it was designed to clarify which waterways were under control/management by the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers and expanded prior covered waterways by about 3%.

I’m in favor of the government policing pollution so, on the face of it, as an expansion of the clean water act it doesn’t seem egregious but if you have other sources that explain why this regulation was an over reach I’d be willing to read it.

The problem is about the only thing that is published on this is published by liberal/progressive/leftist media, which portray the WOTUS as just a “clarification” of what was already law.

But it wasn’t. Congress didn’t intend the clean waters act to cover every drop of water that could ever make it into navigable waters. The Obama administration tried to get an amendment to the LAW through congress, but congress didn’t take it up. So, instead, they went after it legislatively.

Nobody is against government regulation of pollution. There are thousands of regulations against pollution.

THIS is what can happen when the federal government has too much power. A family bought a piece of land, had no indication that it would ever be considered a wetland so they built a house on it, and the EPA crushed them. Then the EPA said there is no recourse to disagree with their bureaucrat’s unilateral decision of what is/is not a wetland.

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I don’t much doubt the Obama administration claimed this, just like they claimed “you can keep your doctor”. But it claimed a lot of things about WOTUS that weren’t true.

My own state (and I understand there were others) filed suit against the federal government to invalidate the regulation because of the effect it would have almost everywhere in the state.

I, myself contacted the Corps of Engineers about simply protecting a stream bank after a flood. “Oh, that’s true everywhere in the Ozarks”, they said. They were nice about it, but they required that one of their people inspect the site and that I propose a detailed site renovation plan for them to look at, taking all sorts of things into consideration. What I was talking about was about two or three hours work with a bobcat. I just let it go.

It doesn’t bother you that he bragged about assaulting women?

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THIS is the cost of regulation.

2-3 hours of work with a bobcat to make an improvement/protect a stream bank turns into a 6 month application and inspection process, with the sword of Damocles hanging over your head if you make a mistake.

It bothers me a great deal. However I am grateful for the actions he has taken as our President to improve our country.

Now if he would just get off of twitter…

Just because someone brags about something, is not proof that anything happened.
I care about the job he is doing now.


It’s proof they think the behavior is acceptable.

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How apropos for a thread with this title.

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Getting economic growth up over 3% is huge to. Obama never had 3% growth a single time during his 8 years.

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Can you be more precise about what “economic growth” means? GDP? What?

When the rich get the most tax benefits and get richer and your costs go up because the cost of caring for the uninsured sick has to be passed on, all of you Trump faithful just be sure to blame the right president and party. And not Obama or the Dems.

I think the biggest victory President Trump has had domestically, is nominating and getting confirmed by the senate, Judge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch could be on the Supreme Court for decades. Gorsuch’s impact will likely seen for a very long time.

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