President Trump's Roundtable on Virus in Florida July 31

He had a round table meeting with the governor, senator and others from Florida. They have been doing a number of things in Florida to keep the death rate down.

Population of Florida is 21,5 million. Considering that Florida number of cases is second to California with over 480,000 cases, its number of death is low at 6586.

Population of New York is19, 5 million. New York has 420,000 cases and 32,.372 total deaths.


He had a roundtable meeting with Florida leaders on the virus which was on C-Span. It was similar to his press conferences.

Florida has been stable for the past few weeks.

That is a good sign and these lower rates of deaths are also a good sign.

Huh? Hit tab for last 5 days…there is no lowering death rates in Florida…they are stable and excessively high.

The tab posted show 257 deaths and in the last 5 days the rates have been higher but overall with 6000 plus deaths that is relatively low compared to New York, a state of similar size and rate of cases. There are over 32 thousand deaths in NY. One concern is for Miami which has a high elderly population.

Still it is a good sign.

Texas has over 400,000 cases and a little over 6,000 deaths. The state has a population of 29 million.

Said no one who buried one of the 257 dead a day!

I am not diminishing the tragedy of this situation but just hoping that we get improved medical treatment and lower rates of deaths.

As we all have, but the epic failure of the federal government in formulating and executing a plan is too late for tens of thousands of citizens.

Florida now has 7144 deaths and climbing, Gov. DeSantis is spineless far as I’m concerned, all he has done is leave it all up to counties or cities to deal with this virus. The county where I live has a 9pm-6am curfew, masks are mandatory, no thanks to this excuse for a Governor, he won’t get my vote again.

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Florida has 7144, deaths; NY has 32, 377 deaths. Their population is approximately the same around 20 million and their rate of infection is similar 480, 000 or 420,000. You think Florida has done a bad job. I think they have done a great job compared to New York.

Massachusets has only 6 million people and it’s deaths are 8609. Both NY and Massachusetts are still in lockdown and their economies are failing. Yes Florida is doing great.

The government has helped when the states have asked for help. Even Gov. Cuomo said he got great help… Each governor runs his own state and runs it the way he wishes.

I think Florida did a bad job. NY has special issues as to international travel. FL refused to implement virus control methods early on. The beaches were open and the governor did not let the state reveal how many folks were dying in retirement homes. FL could have done a lot better and now people are dying because of it.

Don’t think ’ Its better than NY" is a safe harbor.

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This is the Trump scam…don’t formulate a national policy or plan, lay it on the governors and if their actions work take credit for it, and their plans don’t work, blame them and take no responsibility.


Where are your statistics for this?The CDC who is tracking deaths states that there are 7000 deaths in Florida. New York has over 32,000 deaths. Both have similar population size count, Florida has 2 million more people.

NY is still in lockdown. Remember they were already in debt before the virus in December.

Now they are in a crisis financially 13 billions in debt , this is from today’s Daily news.

the coming tsunami of small business closures.

Small businesses are the heart of New York City. Barbershops, restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters and other shops are integral to the survival of our neighborhoods. Each passing day that our leaders fail to act, we risk losing many more small businesses.

While some civic leaders are estimating that up to a third of New York City small businesses won’t survive the pandemic, we think even those estimates are too rosy given what we are seeing and experiencing on the ground

The only way New York can survive is with a bailout from the federal government.

I don’t think this is the time to make comparisons. The deaths in NY were in a highly populated area and were early on. NYC is truly a world crossroads. In FL the governor was in denial about the pandemic, let the beaches open and refused to allow the facts about nursing home deaths be publicized. Those are facts.

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One thing Florida is doing, is it does not send the patients back to the nursing homes. These eldering go to a covid-19 unit that is an separate extension to the hospital.

"I n retrospect, it’s clear that DeSantis — as well as governors in Texas, Arizona, California and a lot of other states — reopened too early because they too were swayed by their low death rates and were eager to get their economies back on track. They didn’t anticipate how opening bars, in particular, would spread the virus. They weren’t willing to get tough on people who refused to wear masks. Perhaps most important, they didn’t pay enough attention to the reproduction rate — that is, the estimate of the number of people each Covid-positive person would infect. (In Florida, according to one model, it is 1.42) …

Even now, with the staggering number of positive cases, DeSantis won’t issue a statewide mask mandate. Aside from bars, which he ordered closed, the governor has left decisions about shutting down businesses to the counties and cities. Early on, DeSantis took great pride in the low number of positive cases at The Villages, a huge retirement community in Central Florida with more than 120,000 residents.(2) He even cited it as an example of how the naysayers were wrong…

When you look at the states that are facing surges right now — Florida, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, and others(3)— they follow the same pattern. They saw very little of the virus when the Northeast was getting crushed. They let their guard down — even bragged about their success. Then, when it turned out that virus had simply taken its sweet time making its way south and west, it took them too long to awaken to the threat.

Although the positive case numbers are terrible across the board, the death rates are still low. Texas has 347,000 cases but only 4,100 deaths. Mississippi has 45,000 cases and 1,400 deaths. Arizona has 149,000 cases, and less than 3,000 deaths. Florida’s 380,000 positive cases had yielded 5,435 deaths as of Wednesday.

Whenever I bring this up, I’m reminded that deaths are a lagging indicator. But this surge began in early June; if the virus were acting the same way it did in the Northeast, the death rate would be far higher by now. I also realize that doctors know a lot more about how to treat Covid-19. But that can’t be the whole answer either. For reasons not yet understood, the virus simply isn’t killing as many people in these states as it did in New York and New Jersey in March and April. The one thing we can say with some certainty is that it’s not the governors’ doing…

But in what I now realize is his modus operandi, DeSantis offered nothing besides his order. No sense that he understood the fears of parents or teachers. No offer of state money to help school districts prepare to open safely. No willingness to delay the opening of school to give everyone more time to get ready.

Teachers are furious, and so are many parents. School boards are protesting. The teacher’s union has sued the state. When I turn on the South Florida call-in shows, I hear angry voters pummeling DeSantis.

This time, I can’t disagree: He’s earned it fair and square."

They opened after being lockdown for 2 months with few cases. Then the young people did all these foolish Covid-19 parties and it spread like wildfire. Even though California has been and still is in lockdown, its numbers are high.

Still most of these states governors are realizing the importance of keeping the elderly safe and that has been their main focus and it seems to be paying off as the number of deaths is low.

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