Preterism Beliefs

Do people on here believe in Preterism?

I have only just learned of this and some of the things they truly believe seem to make sense, especially about Revelations.

Am i allowed to believe these things as a Catholic?

(If this is posted in the wrong section then i apologise)

And for those who have no idea what you’re talking about, from Wikipedia:

Preterism is a Christian eschatological view which interprets some (Partial Preterism) or all (Full Preterism) prophecies of the Bible as events which have already happened.

More i delve into it the more i like what i read!

But its ok to believe in preterism as a Catholic?

Can a Catholic be a preterist? (Yes, partially.) Partial preterists believe in the future Resurrection of the Dead and Judgment. Completed or “full” preterists deny these things.


Yes I believe 90 % have already happened.


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