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So awhile ago, about a year or so I was tutoring at a center for a little bit. I asked the lady who hired me and who I worked for if I could do the regular taxes instead of the 1099, and she told me no. I’ve never done a 1099 job before so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with payin taxes later on. My boss told me I would register or something around April I think so that I could pay those taxes. I never did. I just didnt know what to so to be honest. Is it possible that I could still pay that off? And was this stealing/sinful?

Visit a tax guy and relax. Likely you didn’t earn enough to make a huge difference, but I’m no expert.
When you need solid tax advice, see a tax guy. Ask around your parish…maybe someone will look over your docs for free.

I do "regular’ taxes as you say, I simply have to list the 1099 amount as income and attach the form. It goes to the bottom line. It’s never really had a big impact, but you still have to declare it. After all, they turned it in on your behalf…the government knows you earned that money. They have the info. It would be worse to get audited because you left it out.

You were not an employee, you were a contractor. Many companies attempt to contract rather than employ to avoid payroll taxes. This is illegal behavior. It is not up to the company whether you are a contractor or an employee but rather the Fair Labor Standards Act. is easy to find and use. I must say it doesn’t seem you tried very hard to find out.

You are responsible for you and for filing your taxes. You know this is true whether you knew what to do or not. You could have called the IRS for free to ask.

Find a local tax professional to help you and also talk to the state employment commission regarding the tutoring owner’s actions. With a 1099 you will be responsible for paying all the payroll taxes. If the employment commission finds that the owner misclassified you as a contractor, they will be responsible for paying their part of the payroll taxes.

I am not qualified to give advice on taxes, but…

… you will probably need to fill out and attach a Schedule C (or C-EZ), entering your Form 1099 income on the line for “Gross receipts or sales,” then following instructions to complete the rest of the Schedule C, then entering the resulting “Net profit” on the appropriate line on your Form 1040. Since, for tax purposes, this is “self-employment” or “independent contractor” income, you probably need to apply for your own personal Employer Identification Number (EIN). I think you can do this online somewhere at

I recommend that you hire a professional to do all of this for you, at least the first time around. Way back when I went started dealing with self-employment/independent-contractor income, I hired an accountant for a few years. After reviewing those returns, I figured it out and started using tax software to prepare my own tax returns. It would have been difficult to prepare those tax returns as a complete beginner.

Thank you everyone for the advice! I only worked there for a very short time and worked part time. but, I will need to get some help with resolving it. Thank you!

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