Previously Banned Users

Attention all.
If you suspect a new user is a previously banned user, please PM me or use the report feature.
For some reason, the folks on this part of the CAF playground do not use thier report feature very often. So some of these guys fly under the radar until my suspicions get aroused.
If you think you’ve encountered a new user before, it just takes a moment to let me know. And if you see a banned notice under thier name, that will be your answer. :wink:

Is it against the AUP to come back under a different nom de plume?

If someone has been banned or suspended and they sign up under a different name, they are trying to circumvent their punishment. So, once detected, they will be immediately banned.

[quote=Forum Admin]6 - Repeat Offenders
Some individuals, after being suspended, sign up under new usernames. (Circumventing a suspension is a bannable offense). When such a situation is detected, the new account will be summarily banned. No explanatory e-mail is sent.

On the other hand, if someone creates a second account so they can ask sensitive questions with some degree of anonymity, that is okay so long as it is not abused. e.g. for sock-puppeting.

Ok - not that I intend to be banned:D

I will keep my eyes open

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