Price Hike For CTND/EWTN Catholic TV on Detroit Comcast Cable

On January 15, 2008, Comcast Cable Inc. (a Philadelphia, PA based company) is going to hike the rate it charges if you want to watch CTND/EWTN (Catholic Television Network of Detroit which is a mix of local programming, and then switches to EWTN broadcasting at 8:00pm through the wee hours of the morning).

The hike looks like it is around $4.50 each month, at least according to the Detroit News.

(Does anyone from Michigan know what the rate hike exactly is???)

Anyway, it will cost more money to watch CTND / EWTN in the Detroit area.

Apparently, someone who directs Comcast’s programming sees Catholic television as a Premium channel you need to pay more for.

Comcast is also switching 5 of its “PEG” (public, educational, and local government channels) to its Digital line up.

These are local school, government, and local made/produced community programming, and they too, are going to the Digital line up.

I don’t see why I should pay a minimum of $66.00 more a year to see these channels, which were **already included **in my Preferred Basic Package, and I was already paying $50.99 a month for.

(Considering, at least for the “PEG” channels, we, the citizens and taxpayers of Michigan pay for the local television stations, equipment and maintenance of these local public, educational, and government channels through our local and state taxes, this rate hike is essentially almost a second tax, but being paid to Comcast Inc.)

(In addition, the CTND channel, at least in my area, had really poor reception, rendering it unwatchable for months on end at different time periods during at least the last 5 or so years.

I remember trying to watch Pope Benedict’s trip to Turkey on EWTN, and it was all fuzzy and losing reception every ten seconds. Ditto for the Pope’s trip to Germany a year ago.

I think for the last 4 months, it has had good reception; it varies month to month. I’ve made posts about this on this Forum in the past.)

Comcast Inc., over the last two years, has steadily decreased the number of channels in its Preferred Basic Package while maintaining the exact same rate for its Preferred Basic Package, offering less channels for the same price.

First, here, they got rid of the International / Asian Channel, ESPN Classic, C-SPAN 2, and now all these channels.

This will definitely** cut **the number of overall viewers for EWTN in the Detroit area, and possibly the entire state of Michigan, since a lot of people will not pay the added price.

This will **hurt the media voice and outreach of the Catholic Church **in Michigan, and possibly donations to EWTN.

I refuse to be taken advantage of by Comcast, Inc., and will not pay the monthly price hike.

I’ll just have to catch EWTN on the Internet now.

Thanks again, Comcast Inc.

Here are the results of a recent Detroit News opinion poll on Comcast rate hike:

Comcast shift riles viewers
Beginning Jan. 15, Comcast is moving public, educational and government channels to the 900s. To see these local programs, customers need a digital cable converter box, which costs about $4.50 more per month than analog cable. If you are an analog customer, what will you do?

Pony up and switch to digital 4.44%
Nothing; I don’t watch those programs very much 46.08%
Nothing; I can’t afford to switch 17.06%
Complain to Comcast 32.42%

Voting has ended on this poll

The News didn’t mention CTND (Catholic Television Network of Detroit) in its question.

Can you switch to Wide Open West (WOW)? That’s what we have and EWTN is still basic cable. We pay $75/month for both cable and high-speed internet. We don’t have the CTND programming, though. It’s EWTN, 24/7.

Comcast is the only option for many places in the metro area. We’re in one of those areas, though we’ve never subscribed to any of their tv services – just internet (and it’s a few dollars shy of what you pay for both :frowning: )

That is highly unfortunate. :frowning:

They are switching channels into the 900 range. This includes public access channels as well. This requires that you have a digital converter box which they will rent for about $4.50 extra a month. If you already have digital cable it shouldn’t affect you. I heard on the news that the court has temporary blocked them from moving public access and government channels but not sure about CTND. Luckily I have WOW and this doesn’t affect me but this is what I have read in the newspaper.

Consider canceling your cable service. Take the $50.66 per month you’re paying now, send it straight to EWTN, and watch EWTN online. (Of course, for me, that would mean giving up the Food Network, but… one has to think long-term…)

If you can go for Direct TV, do it. Best thing I ever did. Satellite rules.

I heard on the news that the court has temporary blocked them from moving public access and government channels but not sure about CTND. Luckily I have WOW and this doesn’t affect me but this is what I have read in the newspaper.

The “PEG” channels are still on, but CTND is gone.

In my opinion, this is just a way for Comcast to take $4.50
a month from anyone who wants to see these channels, and mutiply that by x number of households.

They’ve had EWTN or CTND for years (probably something lie the past 10 or 20 years), and now they move it as part of their Digital package.

And they didn’t replace CTND, C-SPAN 2, or ESPN Classic with any new channels .

So you pay the same price for less channels.

Comcast is such a great company ( light sarcasm):mad: .

This might be loosely related to the thread.

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