Pride and Prejudice

Right now there are a couple of other discussions going on about favorite/least favorite fictional characters. Not suprisingly, characters from P&P have shown up on both threads. It seems there are a lot of fans of the book (and movies) here on the forum.

That being the case, I thought it’d be fun to discuss P&P on our own thread. So, tell us why you like P&P, why you like (or hate) the characters, what you like about the situations, what you think you would’ve done differently if you were one of the characters, etc. Who’s been the best portrayer of a certain character, etc. ) Or anything else you’d like to mention about the book (or movies). Anything to do with P&P is fair game.
Scout :tiphat:

I like P&P because it seems more real. Their disagreement and jumping to conclusions is much like relationship today. People jumping to their own answers about the reasoning behind something with out knowning all the facts. I also love how her characters have Flaws. Darcy and Elizabeth are not perfect people in any way but they learn to grow and love together. Gives me such hope.

By the way have you seen the new movie “Becoming Jane”. It was an excellent movie and explains jane Austen a little bit better.

I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time back when i was 12. It was a much abridged version, but it had the main story lines in it. I immediately fell in love with the story. I loved the charactors.
I’ve sinse then read the full version, and it’s one of my favorite books. Just the way Jane Austen wrote, she really brings the charactors to life.
My favorite portrayals have been Collin Firth as Mr. Darcy, but Keira Knightly as Lizzy. I liked the girl that played Lizzy in the 95 version, but Keira seemed to capture the spirit more.

Easy answer: I’m a sap for chivalry and all things old and romantic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Long answer: I love P&P, and the movie with Keira Knightley is one of my top favorites. :slight_smile: I like it because it’s very real-sounding–with nothing fake or overly dramatic to make it any less beautiful. The characters are a little flat, but that frees them up for imagination, I think.

The main reason I love it is because it’s a pure kind of love and courtship that goes on in the book. It’s completely untainted by feminism (probably because it was written 150 years before? lol) and it presents love and marriage the way I would want them to be. It’s pretty biblical in its representation of those things too, I think.

I love how the characters are able to overcome their own first impressions and eventually see how much they have in common.

Plus, I might just have a teensy weensy crush on Mr. Darcy. :blush:

A tiny crush…I have a huge crush…I love him because he has flaws! I don’t want a perfect man just one i can enjoy spending time with.

Of course you do !

…but such a man doesn’t exist, that’s all :shrug: so you have to settle for less :frowning:

I actually disagree with you on one point. It does have a hint of feminism in it, but not by modern day feminism. Thats why I love books like Pride and Prejudice or even Little Women. They had strong female charactors, females tha refused to be subordinate to men. To me, thats true feminism, not these idiotic women that hate men but will jump in bed with any man that comes along just to say that she can.

I loved the movie with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. That was the first P&P I’d seen, so even though I’m a big fan of Colin Firth, Keira and Matthew will always be Lizzy and Darcy for me.

A teensy weensy crush on Mr. Darcy. Who doesn’t?:wink: :heart:

Scout :tiphat:

I just had to read this book. All I can say is: thank goodness it’s not Jane Eyre! :wink:



I just viewed a couple of books at the local Borders. One of them was the Annotated Pride and Prejudice, which gives pointed information about Jane Austen’s life, how it may have connections to the book and details about the words and traditions that we may have been been familiar with when reading the book. Looks interesting…might have to pick that one up.

I love P&P and am addicted to the A&E movie version of the book :D. I first saw it when I was in junior high and instantly ran home to tell my mom that she had to watch it. So, we watched it together and I fell in love even more with the story and then we bought the movie and everytime my mom and I had an afternoon to relax, we’d bring out the movie :).

Anyway, I love the wit and exchange of words between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. And, of course, I have always had a crush on Mr. Darcy ;).

I’m embarrassed to say, I had wanted to read P&P for a while, but never did. Then I saw it in 2005 with Kiera Knightley & Matthew Macfayden & LOVED it! I read the book after seeing it. I am so hooked now & love the book & movie. I want to see the version with Colin Firth.

I’m sorry, but that scene with Mr. Darcy walking through the mist… Oh, my gosh! I saw a feature where the director said Matthew earned that scene by playing Darcy in a reserved way. It was worth waiting for & is so romantic!

"You must know, surely, you must know it was all for you…"
They don’t even kiss, their foreheads touch & it is so much more powerful than any graphic sex scene.

I own the BBC version and the new modern one…I must say, the BBC version is 100000000000 times better (and longer) but the new one brought a more “modern” feeling to it, which is a good thing.

However being a huge P&P fan, the BBC version followed the book much more and emphasized the scandal of Kittie’s “quick” marriage and the HUGE sacrifice Darcy made for Lizzie.

Amor! Chilvary! Family!

Yes, I love movies like this and Sense and Sensibility, Emma, etc.

I have to say that I agree with you-I love the 2005 version the best. Keira Knightley’s performance was outstanding. She made Lizzie come alive and Matthew MacFadyen was outstanding. Plus, the cinematography in it was absolutely breathtaking. It’s now one of my top 5 favorite movies.

There does seem to be some rivalry between fans of the Colin Firth version and the Keira Knightley version, but I think it’s all a matter of taste. It’s true that the A&E version is truer to the book, but the 2005 version seems to capture the spirit more. The A&E version seemed rather stiff to me.


What does everyone think of the 1940 version of the movie?

My problem with the 1940 version and the 2005 version is that both movies feel rushed. I liked the 2005 version more and at least I thought Lizzy and Darcy had chemistry in that one.

I also watched some clips of the 1980’s version and I actually like some of the characters better than the 1996 version. I like Lizzy a lot in the 1980 version, but Mr. Darcy was a disappointment.

In the book, Mrs. Bennet gets easily emotional and worries about her nerves all the time. I think she is a funny character. I think it’s funny when she is left speechless at the news of Lizzy marrying Darcy. But none of the movies or mini-series ever show a scene like that. Wish they would include it and some others scenes not shown any PP versions.

how funny i have P & P in my dvd player now so i can fold laundry and watch but i jumped on here really quick!! I love all the versions. I like the BBC version because of the detail and the shorter version leave so much out. But i do like the 2005 one. sometimes you just dont have 6 hours to watch a movie and you need a quick fix!

I have been watching everything jane austen lately! I cant wait for the jane austen book club movie to come to town!!! its going to be good.

I LOVE P&P!!:heart: I read the book first, and although I was a little skeptical at first (I had hated “Emma”), but I absolutely adored the book.
I saw the newest P&P before the BBC one, so unlike some diehard fans of the book, I actually like both of them. (The BBC one is definitely better, but I liked Keira Knightley a lot more than whoever the actress was for the BBC version.)

And yes, I have a crush on Mr. Darcy. :blush: :wink: (Is there any girl who doesn’t?)

Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennett are hilarious in both.

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