Pride Parades vs Eucharistic Processions

“I wince at the cheers rendered to young boys in drag gyrating alongside scantily clad men in Pride parades. How did that ever stop being grounds for child abuse? In a video of a little girl watching a nearly nude man dancing, everyone is laughing. Would it be laughable if he showed up on a school playground to perform for little children? Or is that going to be next on the heels of drag queen story hours?”

Didn’t watch the video but just seeing the still picture made me SICK. They will EACH have to answer for what they exposed that little girl to as well as her parents for letting her be there to see that. It IS still SIN. It is very real no matter who says it’s fine and it doesn’t matter. Better for a mill stone be tied around their neck………… So so very sad. God please help our world.


A few statements are a bit murky, such as it is not uncommon for homosexual men to sexually abuse adolescent boys. Well, it does happen, but, making allowance for numbers, there are more heterosexual men who abuse adolescent girls (and boys). Given this, what is the point of including this statement? Further, the statement that, according to personal testimony and studies, childhood sexual abuse contributes to homosexuality. Which studies are these, and how much is this contribution, if any? This is not the most scientifically-backed declaration, to put it charitably. It is also one of the many stereotypes about gay people that are so resistant to change.

I could, and have, also contested the more basic premise proposed by the article, namely, that gay pride parades in and of themselves are sinful because they celebrate a sinful lifestyle. That may be one of the reasons for the parade, but there are others including a pride in the dignity of the individual (which the Church does not dispute); a coming out celebration after decades, indeed centuries, of hiding in fear due to persecution; a revelation to those others who are gay and depressed or even suicidal, that they are not alone and they are not evil, mentally ill, or criminal; and yes, an affirmation that G-d does love gay people because they too were made in the likeness and image of the Almighty.


So a lot of people were opressed and persecuted through the centuries. What makes gays such special victims. I have no more or less sympathy for them than I do for anyone. I don’t buy their victim status. Plenty of people are lonely, depressed and suicidal. I don’t see them marching around claiming to be proud. What is with this whole in your face pride thing anyway. Why not call it a gluttony parade or lust parade or wrath parade or envy parade or greed parade or sloth parade. Or do not they believe pride is one of the seven deadly sins? Now queue up the apologists.


Wow, such an emotional response. Now, take a few deep breaths. I get it, you disagree with what I said.

Have you calmed down a little now? First, I never stated that gays were the ONLY group of people who have been oppressed and persecuted for centuries. Second, despite what you say, it does appear you have somewhat less sympathy for gay people than for members of other groups. Third, there are ethnic pride parades as well, just as much “in your face” as the gay pride parade. I don’t think you object to them, or do you?


The ethnic parades are a one day a year event. Gay pride is a month long celebration that goes beyond parades. How many threads here concern gay pride? How many concern ethnic parades? The same for the wider culture. It’s a whole month of parades, school and library displays, drag queen story hour, features on the news and other programming. Ethnic parades aren’t celebrating lifestyles that are sinful. Ethnic parades aren’t claiming to be venues where so called opressed victims can “come out” and let the world know how proud, noble and brave they are.


Agreed; that’s something I’ve always had a problem with.

The two boys that I knew who were abused by the neighborhood child molester didn’t “turn gay.”

But, I posted a while back about the minister’s son who came from an ideal two-parent family and had a strict religious upbringing. Today he’s a gay man and a respected member of the community.

I was just thinking about something like this earlier today, in fact.

Anti-LGBT Christians sometimes say, “hate the sin, love the sinner.”

Well, if that’s right, maybe somebody could make the argument that the events are supporting the individual and not the sin. Maybe they’re supporting somebody’s family member, somebody’s co-worker or another member of the community. Maybe they’re saying that that person’s a child of God, like us, and they don’t deserve to be harassed or fired from their jobs.


Black Pride is a month-long celebration as well. So is Women’s Month. These groups have also been oppressed and persecuted. As I have mentioned in another thread, we wouldn’t need parades celebrating Blacks, women, gays, and others if the White, male, straight world had not persecuted them so much. And the persecution of these particular groups continues even today in several parts of the world. That is why the Gay Pride Parade is a global affair even though many of the parades take place in the U.S. Whether or not the gay lifestyle is sinful depends on your lifestyle, that is, what your upbringing is with regard to your religious and moral values and your culture in general. Some religions consider it sinful, whereas others do not. Your religion does; my religion is split on the matter. Quakers (for the most part) and Native American cultures do not consider it sinful; neither do some Protestant denominations. We are a diverse, multicultural society here in the U.S. We are not a theocracy.


Yes these ‘Pride’ events have gotten really out of hand… in my city they attract a real drunken drug using crowd too and the parks etc where the event ends and starts take weeks to clean up afterwards and are usually shut to everyone while the council does this. I, however, dont think the majority of the LGBT (sorry I know there are more letters but I forgot them) population want all the drama and it has just gotten out of hand. I was speaking to a friend yesterday as this event is in August in our city (I believe in the US it’s all in June??) and she said that she knows of people who are against them and not from a religious point of view of love but actual hatred and they come along for the drunken party aspect - this is how violence breaks out. I dont know if it’s the same in your country but in our city it is a night mare of an event and police presence is just as high as football matches I think many of the people it was meant to support stay away as it has lost the point. It’s a bit ironic that it’s titled pride in my opinion as that vice seems to have gotten out of hand, at least here. I dont support it myself, but I dont think people who have this should be persecuted. I do think children should not be taken to this sort of thing, but parents have poor judgement in the world anyway and often take their children to so called adult things in my opinion so I can’t judge other people’s actions really, if I had children I would not let them watch such sexualised things nor such immoral behaviour if I had a chance to keep it from them, because such things do pop up everywhere whether you want it to or not and sometimes the best you can do is explain why it is wrong. In this case you can avoid it though you would need to explain why if the child were school going age and their friends all talking about it. God bless parents. I hope our city has he forethought to put on Catholic events at the same time especially for children.

No, it is either sinful or not sinful. People’s opinions vary, but not the moral quality.

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Understandably, since you are Catholic and this is a Catholic Forum, you believe what you do. However, in certain issues, moral values do vary according to different religious beliefs, even within the same culture.

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If only a Eucharistic procession would interrupt these events.


Ideas of what is moral may vary. I am not saying who is right, only that morals are truths to be sought rather than just variables.

I refer to it as the sodomite parade. It’s still a sin crying for vengeance, despite the woke thinking of many in the Church these days.

What’s your source for your claims? Do you mean by numbers, more straight men abuse? What about by percentage?

I’ve said it all month- June should be reclaimed as Catholic pride month. The only thing in life really worth any amount of pride is allegiance to God. Eucharistic processions could replace the parades, consecrated religious handing out miraculous medals and rosaries could replace the “young boys in drag gyrating”, and the only food we’d need is the Bread of Angels.


I’m sorry but I find this sort of thinking so utterly childish. Gays are not persecuted in the West and I’m eager to know the reasoning on how month long public celebrations atone for any past wrondoings - or for anything for that matter.

What if I say or argue that Christians are by far the most unjustly hated and slandered group of people in the West and have been for decades now. That their enormous contributions to the general good are not recognized or acknowledged. They can be sued, fired, impoverished, suffer slander and made targets for hatred simply because of who and what they are. Should we have month long public celebrations of Christians and Christianity until all non-Christians are publicly sorry and ashamed of themselves for their slandering Christians or Christianity, treating Christians like second class citizens or for blaming Christians for everything under the Sun?


I mean by percentage, factoring in the larger number of straight men than gay men.

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It never was a month of pride for Catholics. I don’t think it is particularly good to be trying to make a rival event like the Boston straight parade. It might work to do something more unrelated to the pride movement and not make any parallels to it in a more gentle manner.

The purpose of the month-long pride celebrations is not to atone for anything. The atonement would have to come from those who discriminate against gay people, and that still occurs in the West, just as discrimination against Blacks, Jews, Muslims, indigenous people, Asians, Latino, women, the disabled, and, yes, Christians takes place. And I have and will continue to defend ALL people who are unjustly discriminated against, including Christians. The main purpose of the pride parade is affirmation rather than atonement, affirmation that gay people are human, affirmation that they are not evil, not criminal, not mentally ill, that they are capable of same-sex love, love of family, love of G-d, that they have moral and ethical values, that they are part of your life in ways you may not know. That is, they are your doctor, your lawyer, your teacher, your student, your son, your daughter, your mother, your father, your grandparent, your uncle or aunt, your cousin or nephew or niece, your friend, your co-worker, your boss. Finally, it is an affirmation that they are not all the same just because they have the same sexual orientation, but are, rather, individuals with their own unique personality and lifestyle.

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