Priest at Ground Zero


Fr. Mike Judge was the FDNY Chaplain and was killed during the 9/11 terror attacks. If this was as far as the story goes, it would be said that he was a hero, martyr, and a devout Catholic Priest.

However, Fr. Judge was known to have homosexual inclinations and promote gay pride events. His actions were not always befitting of a Catholic, let alone a Catholic Priest.

My question is was this man good or bad? It is hard to say that anyone helping at Ground Zero was “bad”, but in terms of his religious duty and obligation, it seems that if he represented Catholicism poorly and in a religious sense, was not “good”.



I would simply say that from a factual point of view, we know with absolute certainty that this priest was a fire chaplain and died performing his ministry by anointing the sick, dying, and dead. He put himself in danger to do this.

How in the world can this man be viewed as anything but good?


The original post calls for others to judge this priest, something hardly appropriate for a Catholic forum. Thread is closed.


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