Priest at Viet American Church Goes Viral for Riding Hoverboard During Christmas Mass

In a video clip, which has been watched nearly 500,000 times as of this writing, Father Tom can be seen gliding in style as he rides a hoverboard to the middle of the church while holding what seems to be glowing sticks.

Children can be heard laughing as parents and other members of the church cheered the priest on.

If this was outside of the Mass, then whatever - not my thing, but good for Father. If this was in a liturgical context, it doesn’t strike me as very appropriate.


Google and you’ll find several reports of a priest in the Phillipines doing the same stunt in December–of 2015, three years ago, and being disciplined for same. So now another priest is doing the same?

And we wonder how certain -ahem–practices creep into Catholic liturgy when we see that apparently even when there’s easily accessible information that something is not right, that people will just do it anyway.

A priest who is ‘hip’ enough to play with lightsabers and hoverboards one would think would be hip enough to have known about the previous case which was extensively covered by the media, FB, You Tube, etc.

Hopefully the same consequences will occur in this case, and maybe, just maybe, it will keep another would-be Father I’m-so-cool-and-hip from doing this at another Mass for another Christmas. . .

Yeah the first thing that popped into my mind was the priest from the Philippines who pulled the same stunt a few years ago and got in trouble for it. Based on the Twitter user who posted about this it was apparently during his homily that he did this. Not cool.

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