Priest Baptized Baby with Incorrect Name, is it valid?

My wife and I had our baby baptized today at mass. Although we told the priest that the name we gave her is Maria Grace, he baptized her Mary Grace. Is this mistake a problem? It seems like it shouldn’t matter since the names are essentially the same; however it would put my overactive mind at rest to know that this is within the ‘rules’.
Thanks so much

The Catechism of Trent:

the true and essential form of Baptism is: I baptise thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

The name of the one to be baptized is not essential to the sacrament. And, of course, the clear intention of the minister is to baptize the child that he is pouring the water on while he pronounces the words. So, even if the name is incorrect, the matter (water) and form (“I baptize you…”) are correct and the intention is clear. Therefore, it is a valid baptism even if the name pronounced is incorrect.

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