Priest blessing

Bless us Lord!!!

Greetings everyone!!! Just wondering, the other day right before a priest blessed a woman. He opened his hands and she kissed his upturned palms (got the picture?)…

Just wondering some things:

  1. Why did the priest do that?
  2. What kind of blessing is that?
    and lastly…
  3. Where can I learn more about this?

I am not so well informed in this area but still learning…:stuck_out_tongue:

Love you all, dear brothers and sisters in Christ!!!

Have a happy day… if you don’t my prayers are with you… and if you do… my prayers are still with you too… hehe

That sounds like a priest giving his First Blessing.

It is not uncommon for lay people to kiss a priest’s consecrated hands (the hands that touch Jesus!), before receiving his blessing. But usually this is a traditional kiss on the back of the hand. The upturned palms kiss, though, sounds like a First Blessing.

Here is a link to some very special pictures. This is Father Matthew Talarico of the Institute of Christ the King after his recent ordination. He and his family are from our Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community. He returned shortly afterwards to have his first Solemn High Mass, which he offered in our church. Look at the pictures toward the end of the index, and you will see him giving First Blessings to members of our parish.

I agree with Scotty that this sounds like the first blessing
but I Disagree that it was Fr. Talarico’s First Solemn High Mass :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that THIS was Fr. Talarico’s First Solemn High Mass

Well then it was advertised incorrectly in our parish bulletin, reported incorrectly in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and is still incorrectly labeled on the PLMC website. Oh, and the Vicar General Msgr. Schmitz referred to it incorrectly as well, as did Fr. Talarico himself. One wonders how virtually everyone erred on this point! :smiley:

Hey we all make mistakes :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That was his First mass the Day after his ordinations at the St. Francis De Sales Oratory in Saint Louis…

Maybe Msgr. Schmitz et al ment the first Solemn High Mass inthe state of PA?


Who Knows but its pretty funny

Or maybe the Mass to which you refer wasn’t a Solemn High Mass?

Here you can hear Msgr. Schmitz’s sermon from that day. At 00:48, you will hear him refer to it as Father Talarico’s first Solemn High Mass.

uh okay…

but back to my question… haha… by the first blessing you mean he hasn’t blessed anyone before?

that’s interesting… because i do believe that he has just become a priest and all…but hey… resonably new to the parish too… :blush:

Don’t quote me on this, but I heard somewhere that a priest can offer the special “first blessing” for the first year of his ordination.

Peace in Christ,


Hehe, I just listened…here are Msgr. Schmitz’s exact words…
"…I want to thank you wholeheartedly (for) what you have done with your prayers and your support to make it possible, (for) Father Matthew Talerico is today saying his first Solemn High Mass at this beautiful altar in this awesome church…"
So it was his first Solemn High Mass there - but not necessarily his first Solemn High Mass since ordination*.* But hey, I guess even the ICKSP can be ambiguous at times :wink: .

BTW - congrats on receiving Father Talerico - he’ll be a great pastor for you. And thanks for the mp3 of Msgr Schmitz - he’s one of the best!

Peace in Christ,


Actually, Father Talarico was assigned to an ICK parish in NJ. He returned to our parish (his home parish) after his ordination to offer two Masses and to show his appreciation for the years of support he received from us. Our wonderful pastor is Fr. Kenneth Myers. If you ever have some time, you can hear some of his great sermons right here:

He’s a fantastic preacher!

I am not sure if it is a full year, but I am sure it is more than just a day or two. One of the TLMs I went to at Holy Trinity in Boston was the first solemn high Mass, or at least his first one there, of a newly ordained FSSP priest. He had returned to his parish before reporting to his first assignment. We were able to receive his first blessing after Mass. He must have given some earlier, like after his ordination Mass.

ok so i asked the priest myself about what is all about…

basically its that the pope has granted a plenary indulgence for those who venerate the hands of a newly ordained priest (this priest was ordained in rome last june i believe he said)…

to gain the indulgence the person must:

have received communion and has gone to confession within the last 5 days…

ooo… don’t you just like getting answers??.. haha…

he even asked if i wanted a blessing… yipeeee:thumbsup:

Perhaps the indulgence has been liberalized under JPII, but I think it used to be that the family of the priest received a plenary indulgence while all others received a partial indulgence.

True… could be… thanks!!!

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