Priest calls out Spiritual Sabotage at Seminaries in The Wanderer

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I posted my Pastor’s article online here a couple weeks ago. And, gee, it made the front page of The Wanderer :smiley:

He calls it out like it is ahead of visit by team investigating Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.

I had this in another thread here when it first came out in the bulletin. You can see a pic of him there:

The thought of good, young, orthodox men being rejected from the seminary makes me almost as angry as the idea that they’re slowly ‘brainwashed’ to be lax in the faith. It’s just unfair, how can a house divided against itself stand? Sometimes we just need to get our act together. Your parish seems to be a bright light, Lux (no pun intended). Although, perhaps, your handle *is *appropriate.


This book, by Michael S. Rose really brings out some of the kinds of details that Seminarians and potential candidates have had to deal with. Fr. Perrone is quoted in the book, similarly, as well.

Then, he is profiled in the book “Priest” also by Michael S. Rose. In the chapter dedicated to him, he goes into detail about how he had to hide his orthodoxy in order to get ordained. THen he talks about the problems he had early in his priesthood with lay people who objected to his orthodoxy.

Hello Lux_et_veritas,

I have heard of a similiar situation at St. Frances Seminary in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have heard the priest who made the decisions on who would enter the seminary rejected heterosexual males and selected homosexual only candidates. It was the directors way of reforming the Church. I feel that it is these evil doers infliltrating Catholic seminary selection boards which is the major cause for the high percentage of homosexal priests rather than the thought of an abnormally high amount of homosexuals over heterosexuals applying for Catholic seminaries.

The real question is where are the bosses of these seminary selection boards (Bishops)? Why are they not fully focused on patroling and disaplining such a critical area in the Catholic Church?

Where is the Boston Globe when the Church needs them? From what I see it is the media who seems to be the only ones capable of motivating Church leaders to flush out the wicked from our Church. Oh! and the Wanderer. Go Wanderer.

Because, they are busy paying off settlements from homosexual misdeeds, subjecting the church to secular bankruptcy court jurisdiction, and providing fodder for the homosexual press:

"Catholic Church Leader Defends Gay Priests"
Advocate, 10.28.2005

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, noting concerns about an upcoming Vatican document that will address whether gays should be ordained, said “witch hunts and gay bashing have no place in the church.”

“There are many wonderful and excellent priests in the church who have a gay orientation, are chaste and celibate, and are very effective ministers of the Gospel,” Spokane, Wash., bishop William Skylstad wrote in his diocesan newspaper last week.

**. . . **

Meanwhile Homosexual advocacy organizations are busy planning new projects to further infiltrate the schools and Christian churches as demonstrated by this recent Human Rights Campaign email:

Dear Friend,

It’s easy to be angry when…

…the Vatican instructs Catholic Seminaries to look for “evidence of homosexuality” in seminarians and priests.

…pastors in West Virginia and Massachusetts are ousted by their churches for supporting GLBT rights.

…a child is expelled from a Christian school because her parents are lesbians.

The truth is, religious fundamentalists are controlling the conversation about values in America. And right now, it is only getting worse.

The Human Rights Campaign is done with being angry about the hateful actions of so-called religious leaders. And we’re done with letting them do all the talking. We’re launching an unprecedented campaign to “change the conversation” with our new Religion and Faith Program. Will you help? Click here to make a contribution to take the program from a plan to reality.

The Religion and Faith Program is best described by a conversation I had earlier this year, when I began crossing the country to talk about equality. When I spoke with a legislator from a heartland state about marriage between same-sex couples, he said, “Joe, I am ready to help you. But you and I will get nowhere if we can’t start really talking to the people in my state, and talking to them in the language of values and faith. Until you can do that, we won’t make a difference.”

When I returned to DC, we got back to work. It wasn’t easy - but we were determined to start changing the conversation. You see, for many of us at HRC, religion has not been a source of solace but, rather, a place of rejection and anger. But we’ve had to put those powerful emotions aside in order to work with courageous, fair-minded faith leaders from all walks of life to put together a plan for this program. Every day the need for this work becomes clearer. And here’s what we’re doing, with your help:

Finding and promoting the many equality-minded faith leaders like Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite of Chicago, Bishop John Selders of Hartford, CT, and Rabbi Denise Eger of Los Angeles. It’s time we heard their courageous voices in the media to counteract the closed-minded sound bites of extremists like Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and Fred Phelps.

Creating preaching guides and resources about how to talk about GLBT equality with congregations, and then putting them in the hands of pastors, priests and rabbis who are hungry for this help. They WILL preach fairness if they have our help.

Under the leadership of our new Religion & Faith Program Director Harry Knox, we are working closely with individuals and groups who attend temples, churches, and mosques across the country, people who are changing their religions from within. They need our materials, our strength, our support. They need to know that HRC members are standing with them.
This program is the most important campaign that HRC has launched in a long time - and we’re doing it on top of our other critical work. Please help us hit the ground running with the full force of HRC’s membership - make a contribution today. Click here.

I am personally so excited about “changing the conversation.” I hope that you are, too. I believe this is the right strategy to fling open the doors of our nation’s churches, synagogues and mosques, and to open minds and hearts as well. Thank you in advance for your support, once again.


Joe Solmonese, HRC President

P.S. Do you have a story to share about your religious community? Or perhaps you know of a faith group that is courageously standing up to religious leaders. Let us know. Click here.

[quote=Lux_et_veritas]Hey people,

I posted my Pastor’s article online here a couple weeks ago. And, gee, it made the front page of The Wanderer :smiley:

He calls it out like it is ahead of visit by team investigating Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.

I had this in another thread here when it first came out in the bulletin. You can see a pic of him there:


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