Priest caught driving 13 year old girl to Motel

Have fun in prison.

Oh no…

I don’t believe that prisons in the Philippines are very pleasant places. . . . .

Praying that this girl manages to get out of the bad lifestyle she was involved in, and that the priest repents and accepts a just punishment for his actions and doesn’t do it again.

Most or nearly all of the children involved in the sex trade in the Philippines have been sold into it at a young age and have never been given the chance to be normal kids.

It isn’t their fault. Maybe you weren’t implying that though.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you are not implying that the 13 year old girl chose the sex trade.

Ew ew ew ew ew. I’m glad for the quick response of the diocese, though.

What a travesty. Praying for this girl, her sixteen year old pimp, and the priest…

Leaving the priest aside…how many things have to go wrong, not just to have a 13 year old prostitute, but to have a 16 year old acting as a pimp? I would lay odds both girls have been abused.

Sad to say, but there are even younger ones out there prostituting and being prostituted today!

As long as there is a strong demand for it, this will continue.

I think that may be the best way to try and fight this…the demand side rather than the supply side.

No, I doubt your assertion. They become sex workers for the money, not slavery.
I’d put the blame on her parents for allowing her to go in this direction.

If you read the story, the police were informed because the priest had threatened the girl with a gun, telling her to only be his dalliance. She told her mom and the mom brought in the police for a sting.

I’ve thought the same thing exactly.

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