Priest changed words of absolution on me?

I went to confession during my lunch break at school today. The priest said either “I now absolve you” or “I absolve you now” (I’m fairly sure it was the latter.)

Would this affect anything? :shrug:

You’re good! As long as he said, “I absolve” you have been. Throwing the now in the middle of those two words won’t matter either.

I would think that adding the word “now” to the form would not invalidate the absolution.

…though really the priest should not add or change it…

One will see say in some older works …noting that the key words (sorry for the pun) are the three little words “I absolve you”…though it should be more than that.

Though of course the full short form should be used outside of some really strange emergency

“I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Though if he said “I absolve you from your taxes”

well that be a problem

(as nice as it would be to hear such from the Govt…)

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