Priest collar

what is the origin and significance of it?

First off, it’s not a priest collar, it’s a clerical collar.

Its form has varied throughout the years, but since the 19th century or so, it was the standard upright collar worn by all gentlemen of learned professions.

What distinguished it was the rabat (pronounced “RAB-bi”, like rabbit without the final T) vest worn over it and under a suit coat, which was designed to resemble the front of a cassock. Hence the step collar, which width varies according to taste and custom.

This form is still acceptable, but not very comfortable.

One of the various Councils of Baltimore directed it was to be the street dress of all clergy. This included seminarians.

In recent decades, it has evolved (or devolved) into a mere plastic tab inserted into a specially designed black (usually) shirt.

Ok thank you. Another question is why do they wear it?

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Because they are not wearing a cassock, which is the traditional dress for Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox clergymen.

Oh ok so it kind of identifies them as a priest?

That is a cassock is the traditional dress for secular clergymen. Religious clergy would properly wear the habit of their order.

It identifies them as clergy. Deacons, sub-deacons (in the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic traditions) and seminarians also wear the collar. Religious who have a habit but for some reason are unable to or prohibited from wearing the habit may also wear the collar.

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I have a question for you that I guess a lot of people know the answer to but I am not sure :slight_smile:

Is the Byzantine Catholic Church in full communion with Rome?

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Yes it is. As others have answered.

Otherwise I could not have joined a Latin Church religious order and retained my membership in the Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church.

I have read that the clerical collar was from the Oxford Movement Anglican (CofE) priests who were working in the slum areas of Great Britain. It was protection for them as they worked in and travelled in very rough neighbourhoods.

Oh cool so its just like another liturgy. Thats good its not in schism.

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