Priest decides altar-serving is for boys only. Girl protests & calls it "profiling."

This priest sure has guts for all the flack he’s going to get but he hit the nail head-on: ALTAR BOYS HELP PRODUCE PRIESTLY VOCATIONS but girl altar boys don’t.

Being an “altar server” is not a jobs program, nor is it meant to be an avenue for one’s little darling to be in the spotlight.


Correct me if I’m mistaken, but doesn’t every parish pastor have the right to use only boy altar boys if he so pleases?

Every priest has the right to use only boys for altar serving. One bishop in the United States prohibits the use of girls but no bishop may mandate it. Prior to this clarification, a priest in our diocese was removed from his assignment because he refused to use girls as servers. He is also the only priest who has never been offered a pastorate even though he’s in his fifties. Actually, there’s one other who is close to the Indult Mass community.

The tradition of having only boys serve is also recommended by the Church.

This subject has been beat to death in other threads, but I personally see no problem with girl altar servers. My parish has an equal amount of boys and girls serving, no problems.

As far as I know, girls altar servers decreasing the amt of priestly vocations has never been proven. Its just opinion, and being used as an excuse for the lower priestly vocation numbers. I suspect the real reasons for the lower numbers goes much deeper than girl altar servers.

I wish my parish would do this… I had to let my girls serve just because the boys did… I didn’t think it was right. Now my parish won’t mix boys and girls… teams are boys or girls. When my kids served it was done by family…so when both my boys were serving no problem, but when one of my boys was serving with my girl…it would be a problem today I guess (except at holidays when they are desperate for “seasoned” servers). But the schedule stops at the end of 8th grade… except my kids for some reason. My boy served until 10th grade and my 9th grade girl is still serving… I think because they actually show up for their turns.

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