Priest didn't say prayer to invest scapular

So i asked a priest to invest the scapular on me last year, but i remember he did not say any prayer or formula to do it.

I asked another priest what he thought about it and he said that maybe it was not valid.

What do you think?

Which scapular?

Brown scapular

The brown scapular does have specific investing prayers, but you can still wear the scapular with a more simple blessing or none at all. The question is the extent to which you intend to be joined to Carmelite spirituality.

There may also be variations on the actual investing rite, so if you heard something but it wasn’t what you expected, it could have been one of the other versions. (Just saying, for clarification; I know you said you didn’t hear anything.)

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Thank you for your answer. When I think about this I get a little anxious with the thought that all this time I was using the scapular invalidly and i would not receive the blessing from Our Lady’s promise.

If you read the link, hopefully your anxieties can be put to rest. You simply need to embrace the Carmelite spirituality as best you can and to the extent you want — and then you can determine whether a blessing or formal investiture is needed. I would suggest that worrying about whether or not you’re doing it right and whether you’ll receive any promises is moving the scapular to the “good luck charm”/superstition category, so please try not to stress it so much.


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