Priest Disclosures and Abuse


Recently the archdiocese for my area has released a list of priests that have been implicated in allegations of abuse. I have come to find out that one of the priests on that list is a priest in my parish. I feel very conflicted on the matter. As someone that is in the process of converting it is something that really is terrible. This priest was active within the parish just 2 hours prior to the release of the disclosures list. I feel welcome so far in this parish and I want to grow, but I do feel very strongly against any member of the clergy having serious allegations of abuse being made against them.

I don’t want one bad priest to prevent me from carrying on my journey within this parish.


Then don’t. :slight_smile:

You’re obviously convinced of the truth of the Church – the actions of bad priests don’t affect that in the slightest. I see your concerns and don’t mean to dismiss them, but don’t leave Jesus because of Judas.


I guess my real disappointment lies with the archdiocese. I think it was wrong of them to not disclose that allegations have been made against him going back a few decades now.


Your situation sounds alot like my parish. I sent you a pm incase it is.


What was the nature of the allegations? Was it a settled lawsuit? Was he arrested? Did he do jail time? How old are the allegations? Were the attorneys handling the allegations for the Church competent? Did the bishop just give in with a settlement to get rid of the matter even though the allegations weren’t persuasive.


EXACTLY! The Church is not about this Priest or that Priest the Church is about God the Father Son Holy Spirit. Priests while granted special graces to be the servants of God they are called to be are also sinners like all of us. When one chooses to do their own will and not God’s will that is when they sin. PRAY FOR THIS PRIEST, PRAY for ALL Priests and Catholic Clergy and Seminarians. Without Priests we have no Eucharist, we have no Sacraments, we have no Mass. We desperately need good holy devout Priests and they need our prayers.


The archdiocese has not released anything that would tell us the exact nature of the allegations. He’s been removed and put on admin leave. But under my state’s laws he could still face prosecution for the allegations made against him because my state’s statues have no limitations on the years that have passed for someone who has sexually abused a child.

Last year my local area law enforcement conducted a document search at the archdiocese office looking for records of priests that the archdiocese had received allegations about. And the archdiocese agreed to release the names of priests that have been accused of abuse.


Our diocese is in the process of going through all of their records to release names. Our Bishop just didn’t want to put each and every name of any Priest or Consecrated Religious man or woman that had been accused out there. He wanted to only disclose names of those who have had charges brought up against them and credible proof brought forth. Just being accused doesn’t say anything about guilt and could easily ruin some innocent people.


The diocese was already cooperating and compiling the list when the FBI raid happened. The raid was dramatic and unfortunate. This list may have been released sooner were it not for that.


You know their reason for doing so is to protect against the sin of “telling the faults of another”? Typically, a settlement does not occur until a lawsuit is filed. A non-disclosure agreement can’t be reasonably relied upon to prevent someone from informing the police. So, what’s the big deal? The alleger has every right to go to the police. I don’t see as much fault on the church’s behalf as others do–especially the media.

The press is nothing more than a tool used by a privileged few to put PRESSure on others. Freedom of the Press.

Besides, most of these cases occurred under a different bishop than currently presides. So, how can the case be well investigated after 20 or 30 years have passed since the alleged event occurred?

A lot of this is hogwash.


He has allegations going back 40 years. That’s roughly back to the time when my mother was a child. The laity has a right to know if a priest is accused of abuse.


No they don’t.


Yes they do. If I were a parent I would want to know if a priest in my parish were accused of abuse.


I will not consent to a culture of silence on this matter. It happens and we need to know if a priest we trust and has baptized children has been accused of hurting children.


The no statute of limitations thing sounds like it’s not so great. Those sorts of things are feel good measures. Actually prosecuting a really old case is another matter. The BTK killer is an example, but there they had photographs and other things to work with.

Since most of these situations didn’t have such things, I can see problems of proof. On the civil side, I could see that being complete unadulterated hell for the Church. There is a lot of anti-Catholic hate out there. I would say to the point of not being able to try something in some jurisdictions. All a creative plaintiff would have to do is make allegations that something happened long enough ago, and defending against it would be virtually impossible. Just look at Kavanaugh.


So, you want to remove the seal of confession?


Regardless, these allegations have been made and they span decades. Until there is a proper investigation and the authorities cannot corroborate the allegations, he has no business ministering.


Do you have a right to know that your neighbor was accused of destroying property 25 years ago?


I’m not disagreeing with that. What I’m saying is that no statute of limitations means very little other than a feel good measure.


Were these people making confessions to the church alone? Or did they also talk to the authorities on the matter? A crime may have been committed. A crime that could’ve hurt children. We can just stop here because this is something I’m not changing my mind. Allegations of abuse need to be taken seriously, and part of taking that seriously would be telling the laity the truth, rather than not telling them anything.

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