Priest Disclosures and Abuse


Not only does he have allegations from the past but he also has allegations from not that long, within the last few years. The Church has a moral responsibility to be open on this issue. Due to how poorly it has handled this issue in the past we need to know. Destroying property is not the same as abusing a child.


No I don’t. I know I’m a Christian. And I know what is right and wrong.


I once spoke it great detail to a family member who did experience abuse by clergy years ago. I still converted (back) to Catholicism. Think of it as “taking back” what is ours…Just be careful!


I don’t see how the seal of confession has anything to do with this. And, I’m not really familiar with “telling the faults of another” as a sin. But, I would guess that applies to gossip.

What if your priest was guilty of following the Gnostic heresy or the heresy of the Judaizers, should the Apostle Paul NOT have written a public letter to those Churches about that “fault” of the priests?


Whether the laity are told or not, if substantial allegations are made against a priest, he needs to be removed from ministry. The Diocese can be as forthcoming as they want to be in the notification they give to the parish that their priest is “being placed on administrative leave”. Or “get thee to a nunnery”. Whatever.

Priest shortage be damned. If we have wolves in sheeps clothing like this, they need to be gotten away from the flock immediately.


Continue your journey. God bless you!
The Catholic Church is much more than a few priests.
The Church has survived much through its history.
Make the Church better through your presence.
May we all pray for the Church. :pray::pray::pray::blush:


Seminaries of all denominations and continuing clergy formation have to deal with hetero, homo, and “ambigusexual” realities rather than teach that sexuality is merely an issue for the Catholic Church. Future clergy of all denominations should be taught how to make healthy boundaries, report wrongdoings, and if need be- protect themselves from predators and defend themselves against false accusations. Above all they should hold themselves accountable and leave if the vocation is not for them. There also needs to be an accountability of the psychiatric community that has released predators they have considered “healed”.
The belief in Catholic seminaries is that one can pray away any sexual desires. There is a common perception in society that clergy must be “held to a higher standard” than people would ever hold themselves, entertainers, many politicians, or sports stars. The pat answer of “Catholic clergy should get married” will not address the issue of homosexuality or pedophilia in any church or religion. But, if one comes from other religions and is a married minister (Lutheran and Episcopalian) one can get ordained as a Catholic priest subject to interviews. There is even a special group to enable this called the Chair of Peter to accommodate these outside vocations and get “rescripts”. That is to say- come into the Catholic priesthood through a judicial back door. None of this holds true for baptized Catholics because "vows are taken before marriage”. A Catholic priest who would wish to get married later on (aka late bloomer) must leave ministry altogether. This is done through a laicization process that goes directly through the Vatican, tosses the priest to the ranks of a regular parishioner, and gives no severance pay, and the “ex clerical status” equivalent or less than some clergy who have been found guilty of pedophilia. No public ministry, teaching, or participation in church life is permitted to the individual other than attending mass. Even validating the marriage in the church is “to be done without pomp and discretely” as if there is something to be ashamed of. (Most bishops and all Cardinals have been exempt from laicization so far). Marriage does not solve all ills in a church, but as is evidenced, neither does celibacy because there is no “one size fits all”.
The overreaction to the clergy scandal would be to have a site like “” that has Catholic clergy and religious listed even if exonerated, or release lists of people convicted or long dead for “transparency”. No other religion or school system is held to such a standard whereby lists of people accused are there forever; even if exonerated. The site tends more toward an occasion of slander rather than advocate of “freedom of speech”.
The bad ones make press, but the some is not the all


OnaJourney, I think your feelings are in line with the church guidelines for how these accusations are handled.


I’m continuing my journey and I’m not letting this situation be a roadblock to me converting


That’s a completely false comparison to make. Somebody accused of destroying property 25 years ago is very unlikely to represent any kind of a risk to people here and now.


I pray for you tonight, knowing that this experience is traumatic for you. You’ve already answered many of your own questions. Don’t let this one priest’s actions pull you away from the faith.


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I’ve decided to not let it prevent me from converting. I need the structure and order of the Church in my life


The priest in question does not have allegations from within the last few years. It is a newly filed allegation from decades ago. He is being investigated, but we should not presume his guilt or innocence. Pray for him.

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