Priest discusses my sins in sermon


We have an 81 year old priest who gives off the cuff sermons. Whenever I go to confession before mass, he talks about my sins in his sermon. I’m always afraid he is going to slip up and say something that will personally identify me.:eek: I am sure he does this with others, so I try not to look at who is in the confession line. I feel really uncomfortable and hope that no one has paid attention to me in the confession line. Am I being overly sensitive, or should I write some sort of anonymous note to let someone know that this is going on.


Perhaps you have very common, run of the mill sins … ?

In any case, if it were me, I’d try to find a different priest to go to Confession with.


I agree with the recommendation of a different confessor if you are worried. That would ease your mind, but chances are these are regular sins that he is preaching to the whole congregation about and not at all to do with you.

I do get being overly sensitive. Depending on my work schedule, I attend my territorial parish or another nearby. A few weeks ago, our Priest talked about people who don’t regularly attend Mass. I immediately felt defensive and wanted to personally explain my situation, but then common sense took over. It probably (out of a huge congregation) was not a statement directed at me, specifically. :wink:

So, if possible, be at peace. :slight_smile:


How does he frame it?
Does he say, “a lot of people struggle with sin X, the best remedy is the sacrament especially confession”?
Or is it specific? “Someone just came in today and confessed to X.”
I don’t like it when that happens too. I agree with the above posters unless he is being more specific.


Priest could discuss the things he hears in Confession, but he can’t identify the person or else he’d break the Seal, if you feel the ones in his sermon are specifically yours, and you are feeling uncomfortable, you should definitely speak to him.


I suspect these are sins committed by a lot of others. However, by hearing confessions before mass and then saying, “Someone today…” I can see how you can take that personally. He is giving the impression of breaking the seal of the confession. On another day, phone him and say you feel really strange then you confess and then find the sin mentioned in the sermon and suggest he stop saying doing that. He may not even realize how often he does this. As others have suggested; confess elsewhere.


Well he is getting a bit old,and I’m sure their wouldn’t be to many sins he hadn’t heard about, he may just be very down to earth type man ,and gives a very generalised view of life and how sins come about, and confession just gives him plenty to talk about,
Just hope like you he doesn’t point you out in the crowd and explains to the congregation what caused you to do sin, maybe like advised,stay safe and find someone else to confess to


Maybe the OP could commit some really crazy sin and confess it and see if the priest uses it in the homily. Then he will know.

***Father, I committed the sin of gluttony by eating nine jars of black olives and then threw up so that I could eat more… ***

Wait… On second thought, bad idea. Better not.



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