Priest Doesn’t Like Mother Angelica?

Priest Doesn’t Like Mother Angelica?

I was lapsed for a long time and came back almost two years ago. EWTN, which ended up on our cable box strictly by accident when ordering the cartoon package, was a major force in my return and the subsequent conversion of my Jewish wife.

I am a grade A cynic, but the reruns of Mother Angelica Live went straight to my heart and soul. We have all Raymond Arroyo’s books on Mother and our favorite is her Private And Pity Lessons From the Scriptures. God was clearly working through this woman as she built a world-wide Catholic television network out of nothing and a massive shrine to The Blessed Sacrament in the middle of the Evangelical bible belt. We truly believe Mother Angelica to be the saint of our time.

What’s not to like? Well the other day my wife was in the parish office talking with a couple of the office people and one of the priests. Everyone was having a nice time when one of the ladies in the office asked about my wife’s conversion. When she mentioned Mother Angelica, the priest abruptly straightened up and said “with that, I am going to leave you”. Off he went leaving everyone’s mouths hanging open.

Is there something we don’t know about Mother Angelica?

Back in 1997 Mother Angelica accused Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles of denying the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. That touched off a public fued between the two. This is probably what sparked the response from the priest. Many Catholics supported Mother and Many supported Cardinal Mahony. It was a sad thing. :frowning:

The Cardinal’s recent performance when asked about abortion in the health care bill (“way beyond my field”), did not help in his defense. Just Google “Cardinal Mahoney abortion” and the problematic areas pop up right and left.

Maybe your pastor just didn’t want to get into a discussion where sides have been taken, and people got and can still get heated on the issue. Mother is a plain speaker and has never backed away from truth. I, too, was surprised to learn that there were people who don’t agree with some of what she says, or the way she says it. In my humble opinion, she’s a saint and I am glad she had all those years to help people like you and me find our way. :slight_smile:

I’m sure she is a wonderful, faith filled person.
However, she does not appeal to me at all on a personal leverl.
When she comes on EWTN, I change the channel.

Unfortunately, there are many, many priests and religious who are not faithful to the Pope and hate Mother Angelica and other Catholic figures who are 100% faithful to the Magesterium. The priest that said that is probably extremely liberal and thinks Catholics should be able to pick and choose what they want to believe. My philosophy is, if you don’t want to obey the Church, then you have no business taking religious vows or ordination promises, let alone call yourself a Catholic.If he doesn’t like Mother Angelica, he probably doesn’t like the Pope either, who she follows. I’ll bet he hates Blessed Mother Teresa, too.

Emily, I wouldn’t make too many assumptions about the priest’s being liberal, or not being faithful to the Magesterium, or not liking the Pope, or hating Blessed Mother Teresa simply because he got up and left the room. Maybe, as Catsrus notes in his post, Mother Angelica just doesn’t appeal to him on a personal level. Or maybe he just had something else he needed to do.

It seems to me that Mother Angelica is a little too traditional minded for the taste of some–usually older–priests, but that’s just anecdotal. I haven’t noticed any aversion to her around here.

A tree is known by its fruits. Consider, in EWTN, what one consecrated lay woman did, by sheer faith and force of the human will. I was unaware of her accusations against Cardinal Mahoney, but I have grave doubts about the Cardinal’s orthodoxy and obedience, especially given that he ducked the issue of abortion! At this time of crisis, we do not need equivocation, we need vocation.

I must admit it’s taken me some time to warm up to her, but now I’m so sad I didn’t see her shows before she got sick.

She’s the pious grandmother I never had. She speaks her mind. Her faith is childlike and deep at the same time.

her standoff with Cardinal Mahoney only makes me love her even more.

I know this will sound weird, but doesn’t she look adorable? I just want to give her a big hug. I have a soft spot for old people, I guess.

I also enjoy watching her and have been amazed at what she has done. Our Lord has worked through her to bring many back to the church.

A really amazing and holy woman that got things done.

*We may not like a person’s mannerisms - Mother Angelica’s laugh might put us off…but that is unimportant. What is important are the fruits. This woman is unbelievable. She has contributed so much. EWTN is amazing. It has explained so much about the Faith. It has brought back so many people to the Church and Protestants have had things explained. Mother has built the Radio Station also. She has drawn wonderful people to her. She is “simply the best”!!!

Mother Angelica has helped save souls. That in itself is tremendous.

I have heard priests say nasty things about her and it has only served to put me off the priest! Not Mother Angelica.

Viva Mother Angelica!!! Viva!!!

God approves of her:yup:*

*A priest once referred to Mother Angelica, in conversation, as that b i t c h!!!

I didn’t speak to him for a long time and then he was transferred which made it easy not to look at him!!!


Mother Angelica is truly a saint in my opinion. There is no way she could have achieved everything she did if she were not being led by God. She has spoken of visions and truly extraordinary events. She believes she was not the first one God asked to start the network; God had asked others before her, but they did not consent to His plan. That gives me chills.

Mother Angelica’s style/personality may not be for everyone. I know faithful Catholics who can’t watch long enough to warm up to her. None of them, however, deny how remarkable her story is or how faithful she was or how critical she was to educating people in the authentic faith. Fr. Menezes once said that he believes she single-handedly saved the Catholic Church in America.

While regular people watching television might be able to take her or leave her, priests must have a stronger opinion of her one way or the other, since she played an incredibly instrumental role in the C.C. for decades. I cannot understand a priest being hostile towards her unless he is on the wrong side of things.

Yes, Mother Angelica did address Mahoney’s heresies - and thank God she did. If you read her biography, you’ll note that a good number of bishops wanted to shut her down - Mahoney and Weakland among them.

I am so happy that Mother Angelica made such an impact on you and your wife, Jerry111. I believe she is still doing tremendous work for the Catholic Church through her ongoing redemptive suffering.

*St Francis of Assis was not a good looking chap by any means. In fact he was unattractive. Yet…

St Francis Xavier was not always charming I understand…

I could name a few more. However, we also need to look at ourselves. Are we beautiful people with charming personalities all the time?

Mother Angelica is a saint in my book also.

Cinette:) *

**Pray for these sad, misguided priests.

Pray that they will not betray Jesus as some of their peers have, at a great cost to many faithful Catholics!!
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I have to agree with PattiDay in that we shouldn’t read too much into the Priest’s words. I also think it is vitally important not to judge others because their opinions on matters other than faith and morals is at opposition with ours. Liking Mother Angelica television shows is not essential to our salvation :).

We must remember that we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord, and just as our earthly families have disagreements from time to time, so too does our spiritual family. Personally, I love Mother Angelica and all that she has done. She is a great witness for our day and times. However, if I met someone who had a firm dislike of her, I would not disregard or judge this brother or sister just because our opinion about one person differs! We must always be charitable with one another - allowing them their own freedom of thought in such matters.

Let us not be quick to think all manner of evils about people because of a personal belief that in no way is contradictory to Holy Mother Church. Also, we should not be thinking so highly of ourselves and regarding our opinions being above others. We are here to serve one another - serve with charity and patience putting others before ourselves.

With love in Jesus and Mary,


A perfect opportunity for the OP to inquire of the priest at some proper moment. There is certainly more to the story.

Regarding judging and judgment, there is an Anglican Bishop in these forums who is considering conversion to Catholicism. He speaks some very wise words, reminding us that our Lord said that we shall know them by their fruits. Thus, we cannot judge, but are authorized to be fruit inspectors.

Most impressive.

Yes i agree with others here I think she is a Saint for the suffering she has endured forming this network that has saved many souls. At CCD for teenagers they should just play her tapes instead of teaching the kids this protestant garbage that causes most of them to leave anyway.

I have run into many priests who don’t care for Mother Angelica or EWTN.

And, I can assure you, there are many in the Catholic hierarchy who would be very pleased to see EWTN disappear.

The reason, put simply, is that EWTN is orthodox/conservative, and they are not.

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