Priest dont give anyone holy communion?


Hello, there is this priest who is perfectly healthy who when time to give out Holy Communion, sits on his butt and leaves it up to others to give it out, not only that jokes all thru the mass. I dont think he takes his priest hood very seriously, i think this may stop some from going to church. I think he should be reported to the pastor? This is not a one time thing, he does it all the time. Any idea’s, i think the Holy Sacrifice of the mass should be done with reverence. Note i am not talking about a little joke a priest may do occasionally but quickly.


Write to the priest and ask for his reasons for not giving the host
Wait and see what he says


You accuse this priest of having no reverence for his priesthood and for the Mass, and yet you show no reverence for his priesthood. You post a thread pointing out things he does which are a cause of concern, but then you judge the state of his soul by saying he doesn’t take his priesthood seriously. If he annoys you that badly, mention it to the pastor, and let it go. Don’t dwell. And definitely don’t go taking shots at him on an internet forum. What good could this possibly serve? Pray for your priest–he needs it.



Have you asked him why?

You know him well enough to say that? That’s a very serious charge.

Without even talking to him first?


There are many illnesses that might not be evident. If he has not made an announcement to the contrary, it would be charitable to assume that he has some condition that makes a distribution of Holy Communion difficult or impossible. I would think he should make an announcement explaining the situation, but it certainly isn’t required that he explained himself.


Sorry but i disagree, it is his duty to distribute Holy Communion and if he can make joke all thru the mass, and perform all other duties something is not right and he should disqualify himself from performing a mass, people see this nonsense and think the catholic mass is nothing more than an a joke and should not be taken seriously. The Sacrifice of the Mass done in our Fathers house, should be with the up most holiness and respect for our Savior and God the father.


Based on the responses here, everyone has been quite reasonable in pointing out there may be something you don’t know about the situation. It seems you are the only one is making charges/thinking the Liturgy is a “joke” because the pastor does not distribute the Eucharist. Instead of complaining about him on an internet forum, why don’t you just ask him.


Talk to the pastor and ask this Priest to sit in on the meeting. Maybe he is just nervous and jokes or maybe there are other reasons. If it bothered me that badly I’d definitely talk to the pastor, talk to him and then you might get some answers.


RIGHT ON POINT FATHER! Yes praying for this Priest and ALL Priests is what we need to do.


@tomscf, read this recent thread. There were a lot of good answers that apply to your concerns.


Please tell me where I judged you. All I did was point out what you yourself said.

-Father ACEGC


So it sounds like you dislike the man himself and his failure to distribute Holy Communion is just one more thing against him?

So this topic isn’t actually about his failure to distribute Communion. It is primarily so that you can discuss what a bad priest he is?


I wouldn’t say his observation is ultimately judgemental. I think most people would feel this way if their priest, whose job it is to do this, was behaving this way.


I’m sure I wouldn’t like it, and I might even be tempted to think that the priest doesn’t take his priesthood seriously. But I can’t know that that’s the case on the inside for him. Best I can do is see it as a sign of some kind of woundedness and pray for that priest. I don’t think it’s appropriate to speculate and to do so publicly like this.



I once knew a priest, young, athletic, and vibrant, who did not distribute Holy Communion to the faithful.

He had nerve damage in his fingers which limited his dexterity. It made him extremely clumsy at times. He could get through a Mass because the demands on his fingers were limited, predictable and dispersed, but he was at risk of dropping the host with the prolonged use involved in the distribution of Communion. So he made The prudent decision to not distribute Communion anymore.


This morning a group of us men viewed the latest video from Bishop Barron on the mass. One point he made is that we play at the mass. It is play in the most serious way. Play is higher than work. You need to watch the video as I don’t fully understand it.

But the truths of the mass are too far over our head for us to do anything but play at it. That is my thought not Bishop Barron’s.


If you are that concerned, ask him privately why he doesn’t distribute Holy Communion. The reason could be any number of things which really aren’t anyone’s business unless he chooses to share.

Maybe he is ill but hasn’t announced it. Maybe he is training another priest and allowing that priest to distribute Holy Communion. Whatever his reason, he has probably cleared it with his Bishop.


Many people have illnesses and disabilities that would make giving communion a problem. We had a priest retire from praying Mass for the people because he just could not give out communion despite looking “healthy”.


The question underlying your OP is this: Is the priest who celebrates Mass permitted to remain seated while an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion distributes the consecrated species to the Faithful?

You have had your answer: Yes, he is.

Now it’s time for you to put an end to your malicious gossip about a priest whose identity is wholly unknown to the CAF members you are addressing on this forum, and who consequently have no way of telling whether your allegations about him are founded or unfounded.


What do you mean by joking all through the mass? Something like literally laughing and joking during the consecration? That, I would be offended by and I would talk to your pastor. As for the communion, there are many reasons why a priest may not distribute it, and it’s ok that they don’t in many cases.

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