Priest Expert Says Infanticide is 50 Years Away from Being Normalized

Someone way behind on the times it seems, or the news for that matter:

Secular researchers have also confirmed the predictions of Paul VI such as the nobel prize winning george akerlof.

Humanae Vitae-A Generation Later

I know a slippery slope may be a logical fallacy. but here goes.
Babies even after birth may be killed " for mercy ." Old people may be killed " for mercy." Soon people like my 37 year old disabled wife will be killed " for mercy." Thereafter, someone like me will be killed " for mercy." because my wife was taken, then a child like my 5 year old will be killed " for mercy," because he has no parents left. Scoff and laugh at will, but this won’t stop. ‘The train has left the station.’ God will derail it if we don’t pull the brake hammer.

Thank you - this is exactly what I was going to say. It will be seen as “compassionate” to kill disabled or otherwise “inferior” infants, “for their own sake”. Don’t think insurers won’t take notice of this, it may be very costly fairly soon to be pro-life and the parents of a disabled child.

We already allow the sanctioned killing of the elderly, disabled, and suicidal in this country. I don’t think Fr’s comments are a stretch by any means.

Ditto…more reasons to pray, that’s for sure.

Scoff and laugh at will

Am doing. Heartily. This “priest expert” is certainly entitled to his doomsday predicition, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t run right over to turkey-lurkey’s with the bad news just yet, :rolleyes:

Can I ask why you think this won’t happen?

Because it is the same slippery-slope theory that has been used a hundred times in different situations. What many of the “pro-lifers” are failing to realize is that the midset is so totally different between the two sides of the abortion issue. The “pro-lifers” say that anyone who supports choice will also support infanticide because, "What’s the difference? Both are the (insert slaughter of innocent lives, butchery of babies, whatever slogan is hot at the time). If people who support whatever catchphrase can justify that, then surely they can justify infanticide. The problem with that is that many who support abortion see a real difference between a foetus and a live baby. (Please no one start on why you think there’s a difference, at the moment that isn’t the point) Therefore, many abortion supporters would recoil in disgust at the thought of infantice, but not at abortion.

Not so far fetched, If I could have had an abortion this morning at 11:00 a.m., but I gave birth at noon, why is it wrong to kill the baby at 1:00 p.m. It is silly for one hour of time to make the difference between legal and illegal. To me that is an argument against abortion at any time from the moment of conception to the moment of birth, but to others that is an argument that infanticide is not wrong it is merely retroactive abortion.

Frankly, I think Fr. Tham is exessively optimistic, I suspect 10 years is a more realistic estimate.

Very Good. I will happily fall on my face logically if it will save lives.

As far as a slippery slope goes, there is no doubt that society’s attitude towards various issues have changed over the past few generations. Contraception, divorce, adultery, pre-marital sex, abortion, homosexual activity, etc. are all accepted by a larger percentage of the population than they were years ago. Our morality used to be based on the principle that certain actions or behaviors were immoral in and of themselves. Now the prevailing belief for many people is that it’s up to the individual to decide if an action is right or wrong. Based on that logic, we will see many more evil things become accepted in the coming years. Histotrians in the future will be able to look back on our times and analyze how things developed and their disasterous consequences for society.

Thank you for clarifying your point. :slight_smile:

I do wish to remind us all thought of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), lobbied and passed federally due to the numerous instances of babies who survived their abortion attempts being left to die after birth, infanticide of the unwanted.

IMHO it’s not a stretch to see how it could occur more in the future if we are already doing it now for the unwanted.

I read over this a while ago, and today for some reason I began thinking about it. It is deeply unsettling to me to be growing up, soon to go out on my own into a world, or at least a country/culture, like this. It got me thinking about my whole generation. I see many people at school, well right now at work, in fact most of them are liberal in this area and would most of them have abortions or support it if God forbid, their birth control fails on them. :mad: I just thank God that I was raised correctly, free from all those ideas that are on the slippery slope, as other posters have said. It’s my hope that the good, moral people in my generation can turn things around, before it’s too late and killing a baby inside slips into killing a baby on the outside. :frowning:
Edit: Another thought, what sort of places in the world are more conservative on issues like this?

We can only hope that you’re right. Euthanasia is probably going to be going on in 50 years, even though it’s against the hypocratic oath. I feel sure of that.:frowning:

Euthanasia is going on now, sometimes legally, sometimes by implicit agreement. Oregon has legalized it.

No one should be surprised that abortion and infanticide are on the rise.

The heresies of the early Church have begun to emerge again in cults like JW and Ingleisa y Christo.

Why wouldn’t the early Church’s victory over abortion and infanticide be any different

If I weren’t a Catholic, I would be a utilitarianist. It’s the most logical philosophy, really. And, without a belief in God, it’s about the only thing that makes sense.

I think the day is coming when Catholics who insist on raising disabled children or take care of frail elderly parents will be seen as being bizarre like the Amish: clinging to inconvenient and outmoded ways of life for illogical reasons.

This “normalization” seems reasonable and likely to me. After all, when people 30 years ago suggested that homosexuals will be allowed to “marry”, they were laughed at and derided and alarmist and doom-sayers. Consider the amount of sex and graphic violence on TV and in the movies now and contrast it with what we saw in 1970.

Killing dulls the senses to more killing. Ask any Nazi prison camp guard. The first Nazi camps were founded in 1933. But it took many years of dulling the senses for the brutality to reach its hideous crescendo. In that case we can observe what happened to individuals. The same thing can happen to a society, it simply takes a generation.

IMHO it’s occuring on a wider scale, NOW, then we really think. My step-father, who was basically indigent, had a series of debilitating strokes that left the vessels deep in his brain slowly bleeding. We basically just gathered around him for support in his hospital room waiting for the inevitable.

My mother, who isn’t Catholic or a practicing Christian, was told the best thing for him would be to remove nutrition/hydration and slowly increase morphine in order to “make him more comfortable”.

I lobbied as hard as I could, talked to the doctors, told them I felt it was inhumane to restrict food/water as even I would die without it but was told patients in his state have a “tendency to linger”, and had to accept my mother’s trusting but misguided decision. This occured in a Catholic hospital FWIW.

I prayed and asked for intercession from Teri Schiavo, and the next morning was told his hydration was reconnected due to some medication he had taken prior from which they didn’t want to cut him off completely. I feel my prayers were answered somewhat, at least I have to believe that he wasn’t completely in pain.

Anyways - I do think we euthanize far more than most people want to believe.

Uhh, I hate to burst your bubble. But physician assisted suicide, aka euthanasia, is already legal and going on in Oregon, the Netherlands, Belgium Switzerland and the Isle of Man. In Japan, suicide has been socially acceptable for centuries. Euthanasia is already here.

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