Priest Friar (Technology)?


Hello everyone,

I have been praying a lot and thinking hard on becoming a Priest. I love what the Franciscans do and the whole idea to leave everything behind to serve god. I believe that that is my calling.

My question is, I am very talented in Technology. I love all tech and computers and can work my way around most OS’s. I currently work in an aerospace plant where we make the black boxes for Boeing and Airbus. I can read/ make schematics, solder (class 2 IPC certification), crimp wires, read/ make solid work drawings, etc… you get the picture. :compcoff:

Will i be able to use this knowledge as a priest/ brother while im there? Id love to use my knowledge for good. For instance to teach 3rd world countries to use a PC or cell phone or to solder. Idk…anything. I have no college degree only certifications. :frowning:

EDIT: If you guys know of some sort of Franciscans in the need for a good tech lol id love to do my part. I have a big feeling that i can do something big as a priest. I also build websites and stuff so i can help with things like that. :

Thank you all so much and God Bless


Praise God!! It sounds like you may have a vocation! I would say, don’t be afraid to simply leave all things behind and trust Him when He calls.

Remember how Elisha disposed of his numerous oxen and their yoke when he was called. Maybe God will have you put what you know to good use, but you just have to leave that to him.

I’d suggest also the Salesians as they have a history of giving aid in the form of education and training to the underprivileged youth of our planet.

God Bless You!


Short answer is most probably yes, either directly or indirectly. In any vocation, the the talents and skills which a person possesses are not left behind but are incorporated into the living out of their calling. Exactly how this happens is of course another matter. this is something which you might like to discuss with the vocation director/s for the particular Franciscan order/s you’re considering applying to.


My friend…I think it’s great that you are considering a Vocation…I just wanted to share that I remember reading Mother Angelica’s (EWTN) story as it relates to the EWTN network…it’s a great read…I highly suggest it…I rememer reading that there is now a Priest who is in their community of Franciscan Friars …I believe his name is Fr. Joseph Mary…I may be wrong about which Priest it is, but I do believe it’s him…he was an Engineer that was there during their early days of getting started and he was called to the Priesthood and completed his formatation and training there and now is part of the community…and educated man like yourself…I’m sure that his technical talens do not go unappreciated…I’m sure that if you spoke to a Priest he would tell you that they, in fact like it when men bring their life experiences to their Priesthood…I recently visited/retreat at Clear Creek Abby/Oklahoma…it was a fabulous experience…(when I return I will begin my first step to becoming an Oblate)…the 1962 Latin Liturgy…all prayers are prayed in the Language of the Church/Latin…it was almost medieval…trust me…these Monks have access to the internet…google them…sooo…do think your tech. prowess will go unappreciated…and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide you to where you need to be…Pax


Thank you so much! I will defintely check them out. I like how St. John Bosco was the one who formed the ministry. I grew up learning a lot of St. John Bosco. (maybe its a sign) I would love to teach to teens, kids and even adults on what i know about technology.

Thank you so much.

This is great. I would love to use my skills to make a difference, whatever or how ever that may be. Like JamalChristophr said, ill leave that in the hands of god. Thank you.

Thats great! Ill try to look for the article you read. Its nice to hear that there are many others who were in the same situation that i am in now :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

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