Priest Hurt in Faith-Hate Attack

Okay by your posts you seem to believe everything in the UK and the rest of Europe is just hunky dory. That this attack was an isolated incident. If I had the time and the effort I could look for instances where this has happened all across Europe, something that wasnt happening a couple of years ago. As for me, and many other people, they dont see things that way. Even the Pope has made several comments on the state of Europe, if you wish to google that as well.

Kaninchen is Jewish. Quoting His Holiness will likely not be that effective in this instance :wink: .

England isn’t falling to pieces. Not in the way everyone seems to bang on about. Sure, it isn’t all harmonious, but it never has been. We aren’t the ethno-religious battleground that some of our friends across the Atlantic (not to mention some BNP supporting paranoid folks over here) seem to envision.

So I’m debating with a blind Jew who is unable to read posts properly. You don`t have to be Catholic to find sense and reason in what the Pope says. And according to these images, London looks really harmonious.

A lot of those photos are not actually in London. Or Europe at all. Some are in Pakistan.

Also, for someone who supposedly lived in London you don’t seem to have a good grasp of the reality in London.

Those protests don’t go on every day mate.

Oh and you are debating with a Jewess. I don’t think she is blind though. It also seems you cannot read posts correctly as I said:

‘‘Sure, it isn’t all harmonious, but it never has been’’

To which you replied:

''according to these images, London looks really harmonious. ‘’

Remove the plank in your own eye before attending to the speck in your brother’s.

Jew Jewess whatever. So you say a lot of those photos don`t actually take place in London, but a lot of them do. For me, even one of those photos taking place in London is one too many.

Supposedly lived in London, I did live in London, how would you like me to prove it to you?

Those protestes don`t go on every day. So that makes it better. What once or twice a year is acceptable to you? God Bless Hitler, Jesus is the slave of Allah, Islam will conquer Rome, this is all acceptable to you?

All I said was Europe was in serious trouble. The Pope says it, I say it and most people I know how live there say it. And it will only get worse, which I guess only time will tell.

Why? People are allowed to protest. Or do you want a crackdown on protests a la the Peterloo incident? As for the Jew Jewess whatever comment. I’ll withold judgement and I hope you meant no offence to Kaninchen by that.

I don’t need proof. I’m just saying for a supposed former resident you have a very different view of London to the current residents.

I never indicated I accepted this, however not every Muslim is Sieg Heiling and goose stepping down Mile End. I accept that they have a right to their belief about Jesus.

Everywhere is in trouble. Its very rare that somewhere isn’t in trouble. And when it isn’t certain individuals can always fabricate trouble to cause panic.

Sure people are allowed to protest but maybe drawing the line at praising Hitler, calling for the beheading of others and dressing up as suicide bombers would be an idea.

Jew Jewess comment, why would I mean offense by that. I was just saying it doesnt matter if I'm speaking to a guy or a girl, it doesnt really change much.

So out of ten million residents of London, you know the views of each and every one of them?

I didn`t realize that muslims sieg heiled and goose stepped. That is news to me.

Nope. Do you? The ones who have racist or xenophobic attitudes, I don’t have time for.

I am addressing the earlier point where you said they praised Hitler.

Please be more specific.

That this attack was an isolated incident.

I may be blind but did you actually explain to us how the attack was ‘religiously’ motivated?

If I had the time and the effort I could look for instances where this has happened all across Europe, something that was`nt happening a couple of years ago.

Racial-religious motivated attacks have been going on in Europe for centuries - the term for them has been ‘pogroms’.

Oh I agree Kathleen, but as an American your opinion on America carries much more weight than mine, I have family in America and I’ve seen it on the news, so for the most part I do not pretend to have an informed opinion on American affairs (I’m not saying you’re pretending but I think you get what I’m saying :smiley: )

You must have missed this picture

All I sais was Europe was in serious trouble and that it would get worse. Anyone worth their salt would agree with me. You can bury your head in the sand if you wish, and spend your time fighting with people on line.

Unlike your good self, obviously.

I spend some free time debating people on line yes (you’re doing the same thing fella), I spend much more of my time doing more worthwhile things.

My head isn’t buried, I work with people from all cultures and nobody has given me any reason to believe I’m under attack.

And yes I got that picture thanks, one Muslim woman is not all Muslims.

Quicker than me. You’re like a ninja with the comebacks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve lived in London all my life, and while I agree that more violence is reported, I don’t think Britain is any different to any other part of the developed world. Certainly not in "serious trouble"
Seriously, you cannot take one incident however nasty and extrapolate from that.
Let’s just pray for this poor man’s recovery, and for the stupid boys who carried out the attack.

Britian is lost. it is no more. hitler finaly won the war. R.I.P Britian.

No, we have GPS.

it is no more.

Well bits erode off, that’s true but they tend to turn up as longer beaches.

hitler finaly won the war.

Bit old to do much about it now though.

R.I.P Britian.

I think you need a better scriptwriter.

Does anyone else notice the problem with claiming two *drunken *youths attacking a clergyman means Islamic fundamentalism is taking over Britain?

Kadaveri you must have missed the other thread where we decided that Flying SARS and avian flu infected Eastern European Gay Muslim Communist benefit cheats had already taken over Britain to install Shari’a Communism in line with the Gay Agenda.

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