Priest in unwed mom outburst faces sanctions


MANILA - A Philippine priest faces possible sanctions after his scathing condemnation of an unwed mother in church ignited a social media firestorm, his religious superiors said Tuesday.


:mad: I can’t believe he tried to shame her like that. He didn’t know anything about the circumstances of the child’s conception, whether it was even consensual or not.

Glad to see other Catholics sticking up for the young lady.


Looks like he apologised, which is nice


We forget priests are not perfect, but sinners like us. It is too easy to condemn in the public glare of the modern media, but ignore all those good priest who slog it out giving compassion through Reconciliation; and are the hands of Christ in so many ways. Let us be thankful for all of them and pray that they exemplify Christ in every action. Let us not believe everything we read also.


The priest’s attitude was uncharitable to put it mildly. I wonder what he’d do here in the States where some of our nutty priests are blessing gay unions and marching in Pride parades? Two extremes I guess—


Wrong place, wrong time, for the priest to talk to the mother regarding fornication. God bless her for bringing her child for baptism. The priest needs retreat time as he appears to be suffering from frustration.


Good point starrsmother. The priest was uncharitable thought ( I come from a country with a similar religious culture as the phillipines) I am not one bit surprised as that would be the behavior most people not only the priest would have to an unmarried mother. Then on the other extreme you have the US where some priests are blessing gay marriages and where motherhood out of wedlock is being sold to everyone as the best thing in the world. Two extremes both bad. I wonder why people have so much trouble finding the middle position.


He has apologised, which is good. It’s awful that it happened in the first place, though and it it could deter other people from bringing their children for the Sacrament of Baptism.


It must be frustrating to feel as though your sermons are falling on deaf ears. I think you’re right; he needs a break.


As uncharitable as I may seem, I doubt he would have apologized if not forced to by his Superior.


I should certainly hope so.


Let’s not harshly judge this priest. We know what he said, but we don’t know what was going on in his mind. He may of simply “lost it” due to stress or frustration.

I’m sure his Redemptorists superiors and/or the local Bishop will take what ever actions are required.

Let us pray for this unwed mom, her child, her family, their parish, the priest and Catholics everywhere.

God Bless.


This is very sad. I am sorry the 17 year old unwed mother was publicly humiliated by the priest. She had already been through so much and then she was trying to do the right thing and have her baby baptized.

I believe there was a time babies of unwed mothers could not be baptized. I might be wrong.

I am glad the priest apologized and I pray the mother and her baby will remain in the Church and have a blessed life.


Kaye said she is still haunted every night by the priest¡¯s words and would like him to ask for an apology from her in person.
¡°Bag-o pa kaayo nahitabo ang tanan. Grabe kaayo ang iyang gipangsulti (It is all still so new and the effects of what he told me have not worn off),¡± she said. ¡°Dili pa siya angay mapasaylo (I cannot forgive him yet).¡±
Her mother obtained a copy of Obach¡¯s apology after she went to the Redemptorist Church with her friends Tuesday afternoon.
Carlota (real name withheld) said she was no longer angry with the priest, but requested Fr. Obach to meet with them personally to settle their differences.
¡°Makapasaylo ta kay tawo ra man. Wala mausab akong pagtan-aw niya, pari gihapon siya (We can forgive. We are all human. I still view him as a priest),¡± she said.


There’s no way to sugarcoat this. The manner in which the priest conveyed his message was atrocious. If he wanted to speak to the young mother, he could have done so privately, and in a more conversational manner. Instead, she will forever remember her child’s baptism negatively, and it might cause her to distance herself from the church because of the way she was (mis)-treated.

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