Priest is stabbed to death in Maceió, Brazil

According to the Canção Nova website, linked to the Catholic community by the same name, Father Hidalberto Henrique Guimarães, 48, was missing since Thursday, Nov. 5, in Murici, a suburb of Maceió, Alagoas, in Northeastern Brazil. He had participated in a meeting of the archdiocesan clergy and he wasn’t seen anymore after the meeting. His body was found two days later. Last Saturday he would celebrate Mass at the city of Branquinha, but he didn’t attend. A godson looked for the priest at his house. He found the body on the kitchen floor with many cuttings on the abdomen, on the chest, on the head, on one of his thighs and on his arms.

Father Guimarães is the 4th priest murdered in Brazil in a 5-month period. A funeral Mass was celebrated at a church in Murici. He was buried soon after the Mass.

According to the Police, Father Hidalberto was hit with a piece of wood on the head and was stabbed. The criminal or criminals also tried to behead the priest. At his house, there were no signs of breaking-in or of escape through the backyard.

According to the archdiocese of Maceió, Father Hidalberto was ordained priest on Dec. 14, 1992. He recently graduated in Journalism.

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