Priest left out the Gloria, what to do?

Yesterday at Mass, our priest left out the Gloria (we didn’t even do it spoken). I know he did it intentionally, because I asked the music director and a choir member. There was a video shown yesterday about the annual bishop’s appeal, and I think that the priest was afraid Mass would go too long if he included the Gloria. Is this an acceptable reason to leave it out, and if not, do the parishioners have any recourse (talking to someone higher up, etc.)?
This priest is new to our parish, and I he’s a lot more “lax” about things than our former priest. I’m afraid things are going to get worse!
Thanks for any advice!

The Gloria is not optional for Sunday Mass during Ordinary Time. The priest should not have omitted it. You might want to try a non-confrontation approach such as telling the priest that you really like the Gloria and missed it. If enough people point out that they noticed it was missing he might be less inclined to do so.

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