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Hello everyone. For those of you who follow my posts you know that I have been discerning between religious life and the secular priesthood. I think I may have found the best fit. Would it be possible for me to incorporate monastic ideals into my life as a priest? If so, please give examples of how I would be able to do this. Thanks.


Join a monastic order… however, it will be up to them if you get ordained. They typically only ordain men in order to serve the spiritual needs of the community.

You need to chat with a few vocations directors from various communities.


A priest of mine recently joined a monastic community (as a priest). Of course he needed the permission of his bishop, and had to be accepted by the monastery. I think he waited for many years.


You can follow the spirituality of a particular order, but don’t expect to turn the rectory into a cloister.

For instance:
As a diocesan priest, you may use Franciscan spirituality as a part of your personal spirituality, or you may try to take some parts of Benedictine spirituality and apply them to your own spiritual life.
It would not be good, however, if you demanded to stick to a rigid horarium put this in front of the care of your parishioners.

I would recommend you spend some time in discernment and decide which is best for you, and learn the difference between a vocation to the religious life and a vocation to the secular priesthood.

That being said, I’d also recommend for you to look into some religious orders that have pastoral apostolates. The Redemptorists and the Oblates of the Virgin Mary come to mind.


Or the cloister into a rectory.

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