Priest offers Mass for students stuck on Pennsylvania turnpike


Being that the news media is suppressing coverage of March for Life, I hope the moderator will allow this wonderful news from a facebook post to be placed on this thread. A priest celebrated Mass on a snow altar for the stranded students , returning from the 2016 March For Life in Washington D.C. who are stuck in the snow on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. See photos from this facebook page:
Right now this news is “trending” on Fox29


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fb search #turnpikemass for tons of pics and video


Prayers out for all who are stuck.


My daughter who lives in Minot, ND told me about this, her priest was there with his high school students who couldn’t be contained in the bus anymore. Being from North Dakota, snow and cold are no impediment to fun. They were the ones who built the snow altar. There were 6 priests stuck with all the kids and one happened to have 300 hosts, so they had Mass! She said about 500 attended!


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Another article:

I read this story just a short while ago, and it made me cry. I’ve been sitting here all evening after spending most of the day digging out from under 2 feet of snow, complaining about how much I hate winter.

And then I see these awesome pictures on Facebook. Hundreds of kids stranded hundreds of miles from home. I am sure they are cold and exhausted, to say the least. Yet they manage to build a snow altar and celebrate Mass! It sure puts me to shame, reminds me of how grateful I should be to have heat and shelter, and to ALWAYS find a way to bring GLORY and PRAISE to God!

God bless these kids, and may they all get home safely!


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Another newspaper report:


Saw this on ESPN yesterday, they mentioned it and showed some images during the updates of the Duquesne Men’s basketball team, which was also stuck on the turnpike.


Hi. I was fortunate to be the principal celebrant for this Mass. I didn’t really do anything…just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, so to speak. It was truly one of the most amazing moments of my priesthood. We’re currently on our way home. But I’d love to get a link to the ESPN story if anyone has it. When we were putting this together, all we wanted to do was bring the Light of Christ to an otherwise bleak situation. None of us had any idea that it would receive the coverage and go viral like it did. We were blessed to have six or seven priests concelebrate.


Thank you Father, for NOT telling the kids to be reasonable and stay inside!


It was a blessing for us too because there was no coverage of the March For Life in D. C. I checked and checked to find some news coverage and couldn’t find anything except for the EWTN station and what some attendees were posting. All we heard from the major news stations was that Washington D.C. was closed down and no one was there. There were some reports about traffic being shut down because of the snow. Then I see a post about this Mass with the stranded students and found a “trending” report from Fox29 telling of this facebook page that had at the time 1400 shares (at this moment Chris Coleman’s post has 30, 681 shares). My husband said he saw this reported on Good Morning America this morning (Sunday morning). But I wasn’t able to find it online. I’ll try to look again.


Wow, very cool!

I wish I had a link for you, unfortunately I don’t see it on their website anywhere, I think I saw a brief mention on during the 6pm est showing of GameDay, which is a live show. Wish I could remember more or help more!


Story just briefly mentioned on ABC World News!


Fr. Z’s webpage has some updates from people who were on those busses in the comments below his article.


That is so awesome!

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.



This makes me cry tears of joy


The Story Behind the “Turnpike Mass” of Snowmageddon, From the Priest Who Led It

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