Priest orders Irish politician not to help with communion

A PROMINENT Government TD has been told to stand aside as a minister of the eucharist by his parish priest over his support for the controversial abortion legislation, the Sunday Independent has learnt.

The comparison to the Nazis is a bit hyperbolic and Derek Keating’s family home should not have been targetted as that is a personal style of intimidation of his family and himself which is something I do not approve. That said he has been rightfully asked to step aside from his role as an Eucharistic minister as he is openly causing scandal and putting himself at odds with the Church. Attempting to label those who have asked him to step aside as right wing is as equally hyperbolic as the comments about Nazis in the final pargraph of the article.

Hyperbolic? I think not. How are murderers killing in the name of ‘choice’ any different from murderers killing in the name of ‘pure race’?

I applaud that action has been taken to show that this type of support for evil will not be accepted by the Church, even at this local level.

I get so fed up of hypocrites like Derek Keating running bleating to the press like spoilt brats, because they thinks they are above the Church’s teachings and should be allowed to do what they want, even if it offends God. It also goes to show that he does not understand the basis under which lay people undertake a ministry. None of us has any ownership over the ministry we are called or asked to do.

Sadly, whilst other believers see his shallow foundations and lack of genuine belief, he will join the growing ranks of those blinded to everything but the worship of themselves and the delusion that they are martyrs.

Also typical is that the paper translates a polite request into an order.

It’s not helpful to genuine debate in Ireland to compare one of the major political parties in the state to the Nazis and will give those who need big sticks to beat us with another one. It’s not like the Irish pres would not do so anyway but when we confirm their stereotypes we cause ourselves problems. Certainly the present Irish govt. is one I am deeply mortified by on many levels but they are not the Third Reich.

Good for the priest who takes a moral stand!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I agree ;we need more like him.

Excellent news!!! :):slight_smile:

AMEN, God Bless, Memaw

Aren’t they excommunicated automatically ? I welcome that this priest has taken a stand, his conscience would condemn him otherwise, and it saddens me that some that are in Government think their rank puts them on a pedestal.

I personally have sent emails to some members of the Irish Government, explaining Excommunication Latae Sententiae. And further ones to follow, not that many will take a blind bit of notice, because they are blinded by power.

Dáil Éireann

The comparison has been used so much it has lost a lot of its sting.

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