Priest Orders Pro-Abortion Lawmaker in Ireland Not to Help with Communion


The government in Ireland has just legalized abortion there, though Catholics fought against this fiercely. One of the lawmakers who voted in abortion there in the Republic of Ireland has just been told he can no longer act as a eucharistic minister in his parish. He has responded with bitter words about right-wing elements in the Catholic Church who he says are responsible for this.
A TD is a member of the lower house of the Irish legislature.


This priest did the right thing. Hopefully this pro-abortion legislator will obey his commands in humility.


I’m Irish.

The member of parliament in question is a known whinger and waffler.
The political party of which this man is a member want to legislate for abortion on demand.

The same gutless politician who is complaining could have followed the lead of other politicians who voted on the abortion issue against the wishes of their political party
Those politicians who did vote against the legislation have been subsequently disbarred by their political parties.

It’s time for politicians in Ireland to decide whether they are pro life or pro abortion.

I commend the parish for the action taken against this politician


Good for the priest, I support his decision 100%. We don’t want / need someone who rejects Christ’s teachings to be responsible for caring for Him and distributing Him to the people.


Right thing the Priest did.


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