Priest playing Organ during Mass


Is it proper for the priest celebrating Mass to also be the organist for the Mass?


I don’t think so- the priest’s full attention should be on the prayer that is the Mass.

Additionally, how is he doing this? Short of bilocation… At the Processional he should be walking in, at the Gospel reading the Good Book, at the Offertory setting the Altar, at the Hymn at Communion distributing Communion, etc. etc.


I saw it a Newman Center at college once. The mass toke place in a house that had a room set aside for the church. Sometimes there was someone to play the piano and sometimes there wasn’t. If there wasn’t the priest would play an during the songs. Didn’t bother anyone and Lord knows we didn’t know how to play so I was grateful.


Seems a bit unusual…but what do I know.


Could you explain? I’m honestly just confused…


He doesn’t process in or out. He plays and the altar servers process in with no one behind them but the lector. He only plays the processional and recessional hymns. I always thought the celebrant was the celebrant and the organist was the organist and they weren’t the same person. And he does this even when there are musicians who could play. He just does it because he likes to.


I’d say that’s not ideal, but also interesting and cool :slight_smile:


Isn’t the mass supposed to be about the Consecration rather than about the procession in or out from the altar? I have seen Fathe come directly from the sacristy to the altar. Does a priest on a battlefield or at private masses have processions? You must admit that other than for tradition some things could be set aside and go directly to the celebration of the mass. I don’t worry about how the priest makes his entrance but only that he is there like the postman in all kinds of weather, circumstances or conditions.


Is this even physically possible? I mean is the organ located close to the tabernacle area?


That’s a new one on me.


I once attended a Mass where the priest acted as Christ, the priest, the deacon, and the sub-deacon all at once. True story.


He leaves the altar and goes to the side of the church where the organ is located.


Is he also the director of music? What songs does he like to play?


No, it is not. The mass is not a performance by the priest. Personally, I would be very scandalized by this.


Honestly, the need for music at Mass is not so great that we need the priest to be the organist and celebrant. Regardless of the location, this is simply wrong.


This is even worse. if the priest isn’t part of the procession, then there is no need for a procession. I’m truly being scandalized by this thread… this priest (whether he realizes it or not) is placing more importance on the music vs the actual liturgy of the mass.

I would contact the bishop. :frowning:


The priest doesn’t have to process in. But if the priest isn’t in a procession, then there should not be a procession. Mass should not begin with a procession of just lay people.


No. One must stick with one role at Mass. The thurifer cannot also be the crucifer.


It is less than preferable, especially if the organ is in the choir loft. :sunglasses:


wow… he’s not really supposed to leave the sanctuary once Mass starts (with a few exceptions - baptism, sprinkling holy water on the people, etc). I’ve never seen a parish with an organ in the sanctuary.


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