Priest praises pro-abortion politician

I was at a church basement soup kitchen and a Senator showed up to help for half an hour. The Pastor stopped everything and acknowledged the politician and praised him.

This Senator has consistently voted pro-abortion and says he is Catholic.

Many of us were sad about this but of course it was not the time or place to do anything.

Should I still work there or have my Knights of Columbus chapter help them out?

Or am I being too sensative?

Can you politely and quietly tell the priest the concern that numbers of his parishioners, and yourself, feel?

If I cared about following Christ’s message to serve the poor and the hungry, and I’d been serving Him there, I would still work there. I can imagine the soup kitchen is doing Christ’s work. As was the Senator on that day. My guess is perhaps the pastor was not necessarily praising the Senator at the soup kitchen because of his pro choice voting record. Certainly I would doubt very much that he was if the pastor is a Catholic priest. But rather acknowledging and praising a US Senator for his other good works and who took the time to do good work on this day.

Keep working there! Set an example for the Senator.

Maybe his heart will change…if not his politics.

The priest thanked the man for his work at the soup kitchen. God would have been pleased with this. At least the man deserved thanks for this. This is what your priest praised him for. How easy it is to judge people! How many of us get everything right? Priest can be targets without appreciation that they are trying their best at the time. They don’t always get everything right. Do we refuse to praise someone for some good and good example they do, because of something else they don’t do right? If that’s how we treated our children, refusing to praise what they do as good because other things they do are wrong? :slight_smile:

Hm. Was this just a campaign appearance? Much more worthy of praise - IMHO - if this was a regular stop for the politician. :slight_smile:

Your Priest wasn’t praising the politician for his pro-abortion policies, he was praising the politician for taking time out of his day to help out at a charity.

Just because someone does or thinks something bad does not mean they can never do something good. Trying to discourage him from doing good so that it will be easier to dislike him is probably one of the worst things we can do.

Apart from that, I don’t think supporting abortion makes this politician necessarily evil; he could just be misguided.

You should treat him volunteering as a step in the right direction.

No not at all. You should point out to the politician that it is hypocritical to claim to be helping the poor but also support the killing of the weakest among us.

Thanks for all the replies. I knew not to give up, but I needed backup.

It’s hard for people who pray and counsel outside abortion clinics to hear praise for people who vote for murder.

Peace and out!

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