Priest Saves Baby with Desperate Facebook Plea

“Every child is a child of God,” she said. “Every life has dignity."

Martha said that if you added up all the emails in Fr. Vander Woude’s account and all the phone calls it’d likely be over a thousand couples willing to adopt the child. She said the young seminarian was bowled over by how many people were so open to the idea of radically changing their lives in order to love a child. And this outpouring of love saved a child. The couple is considering three of the families right now.

I asked Fr. Vander Woude how he felt about this amazing turn of events. His answer surprised me. “Honestly, I kick myself for not having done something like this sooner,” he said.

“But I think the thing to focus on is it shows that we are all God’s instruments," he said. “And it really shows the goodness of people, doesn’t it?”

Yes. It does.

I guess the American newspapers haven’t heard about this yet but here is an article in the British press. Maybe this was how the blogger found out about it ?

Also I am wondering if this man was his father, also a hero.

Wow. :thumbsup:

yes, this is Fr. Vander Woude’s father. raymond arryo had interviewing Father on the world over about his dad

Indeed. Two incredible stories.

I’m so glad! Prayers answered :slight_smile:

This makes me so happy. I have prayed for this little one too.

Didn’t Planned Parenthood or another similar organization, have the slogan, “Every child should be a planned and wanted child”?

Clearly this child is wanted! :thumbsup:

I wonder how the outpouring of generosity affected the biological parents. How could they not be touched that so many people wanted their child?

End of the article stated …

“The couple is considering three of the families right now.”

Interesting that they’re deciding who should have their child considering they were going to abort. :eek::shrug:

God Bless Fr Vander Woud

and God bless Tom Vander Woud for raise him and his siblings in a Christ centered family

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