Priest says makeup is a sin?

Recently, during a youth talk in my parish, a priest told us that wearing makeup-if it looks obvious-is a sin if it’s not worn only on special occasions. :eek: I never heard this before but everyone seemed to agree. Could someone clarify? I always see girls with cosmetics on.

I would think he was speaking of teens using makeup to look more mature and women using it in a provocative way. Kind of a Catch-22 as sociologically speaking one of the reasons women wear make up is to accentuate biologically sexually attractive features such as redder lips or larger eyes.

I think a good rule is, like clothing, to use it modestly.

Since it was a youth event he was probably speaking of girls using makeup to look more mature or sexually attractive.

As with clothing, appealing but modest is probably a good rule.

It’s not a sin. Makeup itself should be fine. I think. Lol

Girls by now know that men don’t care for matte brown lips and blocky eyebrows and grey sparkly lids. Most of us know by now that they like “natural” (in quotes because in reality, they like makeup that they cannot see)

“Most” girls wear makeup for reasons other than impressing Jim from chemistry. Or at least they should. Most girls/women I know wear makeup for creative purposes (makeup is an art, almost. To come up with different looks and create different effects. Blending makeup is a skill, tbh) or to look professional/not a zombie. Others use it because yes, they feel insecure. I don’t know if insecurity is a sin, but if it is, I guess all of us are damned :slight_smile:

If you are wearing it to deceive (trying to look older you can get in a r rated movie etc, bc that is lying)/incite lust (although I would ask…how does makeup cause someone to lust?)!

I personally don’t know when makeup becomes immodest or vain, and the church has not officially spoken on makeup, I assume. So what you hear about issues like this are just opinions.

He is suggesting that it is a sin against modesty. As with anything, it is the “intent” of the person wearing the make up that determines that it is a sin.

A venial sin against modesty. As the nineteenth century moral theology books point out, it is really difficult to commit a mortal sin against modesty, unless you are talking porn stars.

But it is also a fashion sin, heh…

Is a mullet a mortal sin? :hmmm:


For a young teenage girl…too much makeup can make her look “cheap” and boys get the wrong idea about her. If she tries to attract boys in this manner…it could be a sin.

When I was a kid, my uncle made my cousin wash all the makeup off her face before she went to school. 1960’s.

The Catholic high school I went to did not forbid makeup.

They only said that to wear lipstick over the natural lip line looked bad.

Mine did. But not because it was wrong but it’s for everyone to look as plain as possible. Don’t really know why but we couldn’t wear colored hair ties or shoes that are not white either.

I personally think the priest said that because he personally does not like the idea of it (some think makeup is an insult to God).

  • lip liners! You can slightly overdraw your lips and still look natural if you do it properly:D

Against style and fashion, yes. :smiley:

Mullets or makeup, though, I can’t see either being a problem, much less qualifying as a mortal sin, unless one is trying to draw attention to oneself to incite lust (though I simply cannot imagine that being possible with a mullet, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ) in others.

As I doubt that’s at all your intention, wear your makeup with a clean conscience.

Out o curiosity, was he talking about makeup for women/girls of all ages or just young girls/teens? I’ve never heard this one before. I definitely don’t think it’s sinful for teens to wear makeup, but it should be age appropriate.

You yourself stated he said “if it looks obvious”…well, that dark, ring around the eye Kardashian thing is pretty obvious. So is blue lipstick and lime green eyeshadow. From what you’ve shared, he never said covering up imperfections or using normal colors to highlight natural beauty is a sin…just make-up that looks obvious, which calls attention not to your natural beauty, but to the unnatural color that’s on your face. Your thread title is a bit misleading.

In this era of cell phone “sexting,” revealing Facebook pictures, the Goth look, etc., it’s difficult to believe that conventional makeup makes any girl look “cheap.”

Today yes. In 1988, probably not. :smiley:

Mild make up shouldn’t be concern. But I believe, the Priest would’ve meant it for using excessive make up to attract men or women. All women should dress like Mother Mary. Check this

It is a little misleading.

But a smoky eye (the dark rings :slight_smile: ) or bright lips are not sinful at all.

What’s sinful is the intention behind it ie is the woman wearing it to purposefully stand out in a crowd for vanity purposes? A lot of women wearing this sort of makeup actually don’t, contrary to popular belief. It’s just something fun. Like outfits for the face. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s not to seduce Johnny or to get attention (generally speaking). Lol

It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, but to go as far as saying makeup is a sin is a little too much. Op seems to say that her priest meant it like that.

And all men should dress like Jesus :smiley:

Sola Skirtura is not a Catholic teaching.

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