Priest Scandal


Just when I thougt I was ready to become Catholic, I hear about more priests molesting children. I just don’t see how this could be the one true church when priests are molesting and the bishops are covering it up. This time it’s religious order priests who are being moved around the country. It’s almost feels like God is giving me a sign to rethink my decision of becoming Catholic. I know they say that the Church isn’t sinful, but some of the people in it are. But, wouldn’t God intervene to keep this horrible thing from happening to His Church? Why doesn’t the Pope get rid of these bishops and priests that are charged? Can you please shed some light on this awful subject? Thanks.


If Judas could betray the Son of God into the hands of those who would torture Him and put Him to death, then the sins of His subsequent priests should not be all that surprising.
God has given us an extraordinary amount of freedom because freedom is necessary for us in order to love. And love is what He is about and it is what He created us for as well.
No free choice equals no ability to love. Free choice equals the possibility of choosing to not love and therefore to sin. But He allows such evil that a greater good may come about as the result of it. We have His word on it and He is trustworthy.

The Pope must not get rid of bishops and priests that are simply charged. To be charged does not mean they are guilty. Those who ARE found guilty are removed from ministry.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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