Priest-Scientists Imprisoned?

Why did the Church imprison some cleric/priest scientists in the Middle Ages? I read that Roger Bacon was once jailed for a paper that he wrote.

Please provide some evidence for such a broad and sweeping generalization, then we will have something to discuss. What you have written above assumes that the Church did in fact “imprison cleric/priest scientists”.

I do not know where you read that, but you need to do your due diligence. That is not accurate.

As an priest in an Order, he vowed obedience to his superior. His superior issued a directive to the entire order regarding publications, not just to Roger. And it’s not clear he was “imprisoned”, let alone for something scientific. He was a priest and wrote on doctrinal matters and those writings were condemned.

Ah, OK. That makes more sense than the impression I was getting from some reading. Thanks for the clarification.

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