Priest starts Prayer of Absolution before I can begin my Act of Contrition!

Has anyone else encountered such as this? When I have finished recounting my sins, I say “That’s all, Father.” and this one particular priest starts right in with the Prayer of Absolution and I feel that I have to race to get through my Act of Contrition before he finishes. Most priests give a little advice after I finish, then say something such as “Now make a good Act of Contrition.” After which they will then say the Prayer of Absolution.

Boswell :confused:

Actually that happens all the time in TLM parish confession. You say the act of contrition while Father is pronouncing absolution. That being said it would seem weird in an OF parish. Heck the one (and only) time I went to a diocesan penance service I went to say an act of contrition and Father stopped me saying we had covered it in the service then he jumped straight into the absoultion.

The OF is a form of the Mass, not a type of parish. How is it wierd that a priest gives absolution while the penitent says the act of contrition in any parish?

Priests say absolution while the penitent says the act of contrition quite often.

The Opus Dei priests which I have encountered do this all the time.


Fine if you want to nitpick would it make you happier for me to say in parishes that exclusively offer the mass in the ordinary form? (Lord, why do people have to be such pains in the rear?)

I was simply agreeing with the OP that the “dialogue form” for lack of a better term is fairly common in most parishes. If you had never encountered any other flow in confession is would seem weird.

I’ve never encountered it personally, but I’ve heard enough stories to indicate to me that it is not an uncommon occurrence.

It doesn’t invalidate the Confession, of course, but it has always struck me as a bit odd. I understand wanting to move the line along, but it has to save – what? – like 30 seconds? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well. Be grateful for the graces of the Sacrament. :slight_smile:

If you attend a communal penance service, the liturgy before the individual confessions take place usually includes communal recitation of an act of contrition. So if that’s what happened, then he’d be correct that you didn’t need to do it again. I think they do it that way to save time, and because many of the penitents probably don’t have it memorized.

oh good. i don’t have it memorized yet. i went to confession last week and it was a difficult confession for me. the priest did not have me say the act of contrition and he didn’t tell me to do anything for penance. i was sure when i went in that i would have to say like 1000 Hail Marys and Our Fathers! But no. he spike with me, told me to not worry so much and gave me absolution.

I have experienced the priest giving absolution while I say the act of contrition many times in the confessional. It saves time when there is a long line and a shortage of priests.

It is not uncommon. There is nothing odd about it.


Yes, this.

I always like to take a prayer card in with me just in case I forget, but the confessionals are too dim for me to read it anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had it happen, but be thankful the priest gave the absolution(and in the correct wording). The priest not giving absolution with the correct words seems to be more common.

Is it absolutely necessary for the priest to ask you to say an Act of Contrition before or during absolution? I ask because my regular confessor never asks me to. I always say one once I’m out of the confessional, but it’s not a part of the confession process.

In my experience, many priests don’t ask for an act of contrition. My understanding is that a specific explicit act is not required. The priest must believe you to be contrite before he can give absolution, but simply presenting yourself in the confessional and humbling articulating your sins is itself an expression of contrition.

I don’t really think the purpose is to move things along. It is just a different and perfectly legitimate way of celebrating the sacrament.

Yep, when the line is long and I am rambling. :smiley:

I’m sure you’re right.

My priest typically asks me to say the act of contrition along with my penance, in the pew.

I never said they are wrong (or even uncommon), I simply said that if you personally have not encountered it I can understand how it would throw you off.

There is no need to be rude and uncharitable.

I just wanted to add that when I was living in NY, and the confession queue was a little long, one of our priests was known to use the simultaneous ‘act of contrition/absolution’ bit. I always walked out of there a little unsure about the whole thing, but never remembered to mention it the next time. Though, I think I would have been embarrassed if I did, and it was the same priest, haha.

Based on my experience, this is far more common with those priests using the traditional form of absolution than those using the newer form. I’m guessing a part of that is probably that the traditional form is a bit longer than the ordinary form.

(Traditional form recited in Latin)
“May Almighty God have mercy on thee, forgive thee thy sins, and bring thee to everlasting life. Amen.”
“May the almighty and merciful Lord grant thee pardon, absolution and remission of thy sins.
“May Our Lord Jesus Christ absolve thee, and I by His authority do absolve thee from every bond of excommunication, or interdict (or suspension) as far as I am able and thou art needful.
“I absolve thee from thy sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
“May the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the Saints, whatever good thou shalt have done or evil endured, be for thee unto the remission of thy sins, the increase of grace, and the reward of everlasting life. Amen.”

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