Priest stole from US church to go on gambling binge

Funny, but sad and distressing.

I read the story several times and don’t see anything that says they caught them on a gambling binge. I do read how there was money embezzled, and how it was used and where at least one of the priests were taken into custody.

It looks like they arrested Reverend John Skehan at an airport (no gambling there) coming back from Ireland, which I don’t think is well known for it’s casinos. It doesn’t say where they found Rev. Guinan at, but nowhere in the article does it say they were gambling at the time, or on a gambling binge.

In other words, I think your “headline” is being sensationalistic. The story is sad enough without sensationalism.

I was just reading the headline the Times gave it.

I am not a journalist for the times…

First, it went into a hiding place in the ceiling tiles of the Delray Beach Church. Then it found its way into an offshore account from where it was used to fund gambling trips to Las Vegas, lavish homes and even a mistress. Over a quarter of a million dollars was spent on a rare coin collection.

Well, after we had a Catholic nun arrested for embezzling money to gamble, I knew this disease could strike anyone.

"A Roman Catholic nun accused of stealing from the Omaha Archdiocese and gambling much of the money away has pleaded guilty to theft.

An attorney says Sister Barbara Markey pleaded Monday to theft of more than $1,500. Defense attorney J. William Gallup says she also agreed to pay $125,000 in restitution."


Wasn’t this on an episode of “Father Ted”?


Actually, wasn’t THAT money just ‘resting’ in Ted’s account?

I have a great sense of humor, but I fail to see anything remotely funny about this story:confused: . They stole money from their Church family! At least 2 lives are ruined, & the trust of Parishoners is lost, perhaps even the faith of some. Tell me how that is funny.

Funny peculiar rather than funny ha ha, perhaps? With a definite hint of the surreal.

It was funny peculiar. Strange seeing as has been mentioned here, it is hinted that Fr Ted did the same thing.

Because if the bishop found out: he was going to kill them.

So by commiting a very small sin, they were in fact saving the bishop’s soul.

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