Priest Talks about Armed Robbery of North Dakota Church During Mass


One more opportunity for a sinner to turn into a saint.

So glad no one was killed or injured.

Yet another advertisement for concealed carry permits being liberally granted.

If that man had murderous intent, there might be 35 dead people today, and unarmed, there’s nothing anyone could really do to stop him. We’re not safe anywhere anymore.

God Bless

You are so very right. The small town my Mom grew up in was once a safe haven, where kids, and I’m talking 5 and 6 years old, could just run around, and their parents (and relatives, as 90% of the town is related to each other) never had to worry about anything. Now, random people come to town, and wait on kids to come to the Church’s playground, and have also tried breaking into people’s houses. It’s so sad how the world has changed in the 30 years. So very sad.


Um, nobody got hurt and the guy was arrested shortly afterwards. Would a shootout in the church REALLY have been a better outcome? :rolleyes:

How many of these gunmen have to kill multiple people before we realize that we have to protect ourselves.

At the point when he was ordering all the parishoners on the floor, and it wasn’t clear what his intent was, it would have been better if a parishoner had been able to shoot him and end the threat.

God Bless

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