Priest told me to pray Hail Mary and Our father after mass


I went to confession earlier, and then the priest let me prayed the act of contrition but he told to pray 1 Hail mary and 1 Our father after mass infront of the blessed sacrament. What I’m worried about is am I worthy to accept the holy communion without praying 1 Hail Mary and 1 Our father? I did do what he told me.


The same thing basically happened to me today. I went to confession before Mass and my penance was to pray the Luminous Mysteries. I had no time to do penance before Mass started, so abstained from communion. I prayed the mysteries when I got home and will be good to go tomorrow morning to receive communion again.


Once absolved, you may receive communion. Having completed the penance is not necessary.



Once the Priest absolves you, I believe you are good to go to receive the sacrament.
After I go to confession, I usually say my penance. I repeat my penance prior to receiving the sacrament.


You’re cool…be at peace.


Usually I say my penance before Liturgy but if time is short I do my penance and thanksgiving after Liturgy.

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