Priest told me to relax, say Act of Contrition, go to Confession once weekly

I suffer from OCD, and therefore from scrupulosity. I went to confession this afternoon and was told that I had not committed ANY mortal sins at all. I was told by my priest:

to relax,

pray for peace,

come to Confession once per week,

and to say the Act of Contrition when I sin.

Is this correct protocol for the scrupulous?

Sounds very good. Confession isn’t just for the forgiveness of sins, large or small. We receive strength…grace…at confession to help us in our struggle.

I go to confession once a week, usually, and I’ve noticed the profile of my sins changed quietly over time. Praying for peace…praying for others…is a great way to get our mind off our favorite subject, I.e., “us”.

Wonderful inspired advice. Trust the priest’s guidance.

From what the priests on CAF advise, and others who deal with the scrupulous on the forums,
the “correct protocol” is for the scrupulous person to listen to the confessor and do exactly as instructed, and not question what they are being directed to do.

So you are to do exactly as he says. If he says you did not commit any mortal sins, you did not commit any mortal sins. If he says come once a week–do so. If he says relax–relax.

Because you are scrupulous, you may not always be able to judge the severity of your sins, or tell what actually is a sin, you may feel you are not doing enough to make up for your sins, you may doubt your forgiveness and want to confess sins already forgiven or run to Confession too often. You need your confessor to guide you in these things, and help you to overcome your scrupulosity as much as possible and be able to form correct judgment about these things. So you should listen to him and follow his directions, not question things on an internet forum.

God bless you in this spiritual battle. :slight_smile:

You were instructed by your confessor to do this so it is correct protocol for YOU.

Do as he says.
God bless.

The protocol sounds fine to me. It’s pretty much the exact same protocol that Fr. Ray, my spiritual director gave me. I am also scrupulous.

Go with his guidance & direction. God bless.

That is what I would do. Priests are far more wise than most laymen I think.

He’s your Priest ! YOU went to him for good reason. So, now just do as he says !
Relax ! You’ll be fine. I’ll be praying for you . :signofcross:

No matter how smart and wise we may think we are. A Priest knows a lot more then we.

I’m curious as to why you posted the following post earlier. If you are not Catholic, why are you going to confession? :confused:

**I’m a non-catholic, went to Protestant charismatic meeting, calling to preach reaffirmed; how do I reconcile this with the Church? **

Since I was baptized ad an infant, the priest said I could go to Confession, and therefore receive the Eucharist :smiley:

Your post gave me great joy.

I went to confession on Friday. First time in 10 years.

I am Bipolar, 30 years, 3 suicide attempts.

I was told in my confession that what I needed to do was to simply focus on gratitude - he didn’t have me really do anything other than say an act of contrition (he said my words or the usual one) and just thank God for the blessings in my life.

What a Joy it was! When I stopped the prayer I wanted to go on and on. I have felt such joy since then!

He told me that God understands me more than I do, and that he was really in and through it all, even during my time away from the Church (10 years).

I really understood that confession can be a joy-filled experience. For the first time, I didn’t feel guilt - just the peace of Jesus Christ.

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