Priest: Ultimate Fighting is 'Murder'

What does anyone know about this Father Beck?

Sorry, I stopped at the part at where he says even boxing is immoral. I’m no sports fan, nor am I an expert martial artists, but as a guy who likes action, I just don’t know if I can see where this guy is coming from. Besides, he says many people die in a boxing ring yet I see more danger in football where tons of muscle-powered juggernauts are ramming each other every two seconds. What’s stopping a sport like that from having the same type of casualties? :rolleyes:

I’m sure if you listened long enough he would have gotten to football too. I guess everyone is supposed to be happy growing flowers and knitting.

He seems to be a regular interviewee on ABC. There are other videos on the page with him giving his opinion.

I wonder why he’s not wearing his clerical garb when he’s representing the Church like that?

Hopefully because he’s representing his own view points that may or may not have anything to do with the Church’s position.

Here’s another discussion with this priest. In it he talks about the recession and how it’s affecting spirituality. He quotes the Dalai Lama, but then further in the interview he prefaces a remark by saying “I don’t want to get too Catholic here” and then mentions something our Pope said.

What do you think of an interview right there in front what appears to be the altar of a beautiful church? Doesn’t that seem a little inappropriate?

I disagree with him about boxing or martial arts however, he makes an excellent point about Michael Vick and his recent incarceration!

But he seems to be sitting right in front of an altar of a large Catholic Church.

He is very well-spoken with many good insights.

Here’s another one of his interviews where sexuality and celibacy are discussed.

I’m a huge boxing fan (and, perhaps, the last fan) and I can’t stand UFC.

Having said that, the UFC is NOT murder. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s not immoral, or anything else of the sort.

Just because he isn’t a fan doesn’t mean it’s wrong to be one. I

Paging Rocko! Paging Rocko!

I don’t think that there is as much of a problem with boxing as there is with the UFC. It’s my opinion that you should not watch UFC. I agree with the priest.

Stop for a second and think, do you really think it’s ok to watch two men fight each other, and cheer them on, for sport?

And the same doesn’t happen in boxing?
Or are you against the idea of fighting for sport in general? :rolleyes:

Why don’t you just read what I wrote? I don’t think either is good. UFC seems worse to me. Just like raping a woman to death, or cutting a near-term child out of her womb is worse to me than just shooting her.

I challenge any of you to find official Church proclamations that say sport fighting is perfectly ok. You won’t find any. What you will find is a slew of authentic Church teaching which says boxing, UFC, and the like are not to be patronized in any way. I, naturally, ascribe to Church teaching. Why don’t the rest of you?

Thanks for clarifying. Now kindly find us a quote from the Catechism itself that supports you or no squat.

Furthermore, our Church is one of reason so as a member of it I suggest you use reason to back up your statement as well.


Here’s tip when using reason: Don’t compare apples to oranges and you’ll go far.

Well, considering that the Chicago Golden Gloves is fought at the gym of a Catholic school (St. Andrew’s) and that the CYO (Catholic Youth organization) was one of the early backers of the Golden Gloves, I must dispute any assertions that the Catholic Church is against all boxing when it actually quasi-sponsors some boxing.

I’ve usually found those who oppose these things have little experience in contact sports.

But there are types of men who are attracted to this, participate in it, enjoy it, and support it. And they are often the guys who are willing to put their own lives on the line so the rest of us can sleep comfortably at night.*

*credit Orwell

I am also a lifelong boxing fan, but cannot stand UFC either.

In fact, the best boxer in the world right now is a very devout Catholic!

Quoting Father Pat McCloskey, O.F.M

There is no sin in training for boxing as long as you use those skills only in supervised, amateur competitions or self-defense. Because of the number of brain injuries and deaths that have occurred in professional boxing, some moral theologians question the morality of boxing at that level.
Training for supervised karate competitions is also fine. The skills learned in karate and boxing can be used outside the ring in cases of genuine self-defense or defending an innocent party.

There’s no reason to believe that that logic won’t extend to professional bouts (if it’s wrong, it doesn’t matter if money is involved or not) or UFC.

Father McCloskey goes on to say that the sports can teach you discipline. Plus, it can get many kids off the streets doing something productive (staying in shape, learing discipline, etc) instead of more shady activities.

Sounds like you need to lighten up, White Sheep

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