Priest vocation

Am I being to abrupt here?

I recently felt called to the priesthood and I don’t want bore with the whole story but it seems that everything has lead me here.

Now, I am currently a student at a university and since it is my Junior year I have applied for an AA. I feel very passionate and cannot see myself getting a degree in anything else (not because of incompetence), but that said I plan to begin on further discerning for quite some time afterward, meaning I will leave school. If I leave I will lose a scholarship.

My question is: Is me leaving the university too quick of a call to make? I only ask because someone in another post said you have to have 30 credit hours in philosophy and 12 in theology. Is this different because I want to join a religious order?

Whatever you do, do NOT leave the university. You’re almost done! Get your degree. If you end up in the seminary, it will just make it easier for you if you already have a degree.

Besides, if you end up discerning that you do NOT have a vocation to the priesthood, you’ll need that degree to make a living. Seriously!

Anyway, religious orders go through the same seminaries, etc., as diocesan priests. So, the requirements would be the same.

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