Priest Wearing Gray

So I’m visiting my parents and I went to their church for confession. I had no choice but to face the priest (only church I went to where that’s the only option) and found that the Priest was wearing gray pants and a gray shirt and collar.

I’m not sure I can remember ever seeing a Priest wear any color other than black and when I searched it on the internet I found something saying American priests only wear black. Anyone have any possible explanations?

My mother was joking that it wasn’t the real Priest and just come guy who found a shirt.:blushing:

I have seen priests wear differnt color clerical shirts, especially in the summer. I have mostly seen gray and white, although I have also seen light blue.

Our priest wears gray (shirt) occasionally.

Our old chaplain who is originally from Nigeria sometimes came to the chapel without his priest outfit. He came a few times wearing a beach shirt and pants/shorts. A very devoted man of God, though and a good friend, too. He may be a priest yet is cool in my book.:stuck_out_tongue:

Episodic dandruff problems can be disguised by switching to a lighter shirt. And maybe the black was in the wash.

I had no choice but to face the priest

That’s unfortunate since there should always be the choice to remain anonymous.

Different religious orders, as opposed to a secular diocesan priest may be wearing grey or some other color. It can vary, for example a Capuchin will wear a brown hooded robe, even under a chasuble.

All of the above and I have seen khaki colored clerics as well. Most diocese have rules about which colors diocisan priests can wear.

This or any other reason. Why focus on the color of a priests shirt so much? How does this affect your confession?

Very true JofA…More important things to think about.

You mean under a chasuble and alb.

I was thinking, before I read some of the other posts, that maybe he was an archpriest or something…guess not.


Oh please…

Perhaps you don’t live in a tropical climate that is absolutely stinking hot in summer as I do Most confessionals are a bit warmish at the best of times too, being closed confined spaces, which makes the heat worse for them …

Our priests, when not vested for Mass, wear just about anything and everything that is comfortable for them, in most any colour you can imagine. And I don’t begrudge them the right to avoid heatstroke one little bit.

The book The Church Visible, which is supposed to be the definitive book on clerical clothes, says that with clerical shirts, black is the only proper colour, even though that isn’t always followed.

It’s too bad, because when I see men dressed in clerical shirts that aren’t black, they usually are protestant or something. It might get confusing when you see a Catholic priest not wear black, or when the protestant ones wear black.

I even saw a Satanist “priest” on TV wearing a clerical suit but with a pentagram pendant. Silly weirdos.

In one place where I live, priests wear the same thing that businessmen in that country wear and not the clerical shirt. But in Hawaii, I noticed some going around in aloha shirts. Yet I noticed that priests from that other country go to Hawaii and still wear what was customary in their homeland.

Or maybe it was washed to hot.

Not that I think there’s a chance that some of the color, uhm, evolution of my clothes has anything to do with not being allowed to touch the washer (unless it needs fixing).

I also bough her a fancy dishwasher–and as soon as it was installed, I was banned there, too.

It would be nice if this kind of thing were standardized, at least by country. When I see grey clerics, I immediately think “deacon.” Though my deacon friend tells me that in some dioceses, they are forbidden from wearing clerics, and in other dioceses, they wear black. I would think that would result in being mistaken for a priest, which could be ugly, awkward, or disappointing, depending on the circumstances.

As stated elsewhere on the forum the roman collar (regardless of the shirt color which the bishop/religious superior can have a say in) is not only for clerics (priests). Religious brothers and seminarian may wear it as well.

my only question is was the Priest wearing a purple stole?

Here’s a question does it also differ from Rite to Rite which no one seems to have mentioned?

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